Download BADA Ringtone Maker App

Ringtone maker Bada app
If you are in search of unique ringtone app for your BADA powered phone Samsung wave, wave2 and other low-end BADA phones, just use this app.

This application allows you to make ringtone from your favorite melody. The application has easy-to-use interface. You can cut desirable part of your favorite song in mp3 format and then enjoy listenning to it. Also, now you have an unique ability to create unforgettable ringtones from not one but couple of songs, thanks to a pieces library storage you can create incredible calls "gluing" several ringtones in one.

Also in application was included a very useful opportunity to listen to songs right from file browser. This feature greatly simplifies the calls creation. There is no time recoding and reformatting of the song. This allows to speed up considerably the ringtone creation process and saves the resources of the device. With the usage of this application you can make any phone ringtone you wish for all occasions.

Download BADA Ringtone Maker app from HERE.

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