Even More Plus Plan from T-mobile coming back on 13th April at even better rates

Even More Plus Plan from T-mobile
T-Mobile Even More Plus users are feeling neglected these days and the reason they have is good enough. The unlimited plan which costs $79.99 was taken down a few days ago got many T-Mobile customers to think again. It seems like some better options of mobile operators in U.S are disappearing.

But Guys there’s good news. T-Mobile is coming back to the party with the launch of Even More Plus again and this time it will be even better. The plan will make a comeback on 13th April and this time the rates are even low. The Even More Plus plan will be priced at $59.99. With this plan you will get unlimited calls, SMS and data services. That’s just $10 more than it’s competitor Boost. Boost mobile is providing same sort of service at $50.

If you planned to buy an Android Phone to experience the HSPA+ high speed data. Then we would say get one from the T-Mobile Stores with this plan if you can get one. Unlimited data, calls and messages at $60 is really a nutcracker deal if it comes from the giant like T-Mobile.


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