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mobile goodies giveaway
We had decided to giveaway premium mobile apps, games, wallpapers, other mobile goodies and mobile accessories like scratch cards, covers as gifts for the people who like us on Facebook. The process is simple and everyone who like us on Facebook will be assured of mobile goodies.
  1. Just go the Facebook page of Mobiledownloadblog and Like it.
  2. Post your Facebook name as comment along with your mail address and mobile model you use, so that we can send mobile goodies to you. Alternatively you can send us a mail to, mentioning the Facebook Name, Mobile you use.
  3. We will be sending Mobile Goodies to your mail. If you are selected as winner for scratch cards or leather covers for your mobile, we will request your address to send it. Alternatively we can also transfer the price of the item to the yours PayPal Account
  4. Everyone who Like us will be assured of getting any of the mobile goodies mentioned above.
  5. The giveaways will be sent to you before 24 hrs from the time you like us.
What are you waiting for, Like us and get some premium mobile stuff for your phone for Free!

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