HBOGo and MAX GO to arrive on iOS and Android devices this year

HBOGo and MAX GO for iPhone and Android
DirecTV has said that they will be launching HBO and MAX channels online and also said users will be able to watch TV from their iPhone and Android Devices.

HBO Go and MAX Go services will give DirecTV subscribers to watch their favorite shows or movies from these two channels and these channels will come for the iOS and Android platform later this year. We haven’t got news regarding downloading content what you watch while streaming. You can do this with the help of U-Verse app.

The executive vice president, Content Strategy Development, Derek Chang said “The addition of HBO GO and MAX GO is the next step in bringing quality video content to our customers anytime, anywhere.” He also said “Giving our customers the opportunity to experience their favorite programming, no matter where they are, truly enhances their overall viewing experience and helps them get the most out of the content they subscribe to.”

Finally, we have started stepping towards the TV on the go world. So can’t wait for this to arrive. We will keep you updated about the apps as we get any info regarding them.

via press release

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