iKeyguard, best key logger app available for iPhone

iKeyGuard app for iPhone
Key loggers let you know which buttons of the keyboard were pressed when someone uses your desktop PC or notebook. It’s very useful for the parents as they can keep an eye on their children easily and the children may not probably know that.

But that was for PC. As we have moved further, into more modernized world, we have some other digital devices in our hands. Yes, we are talking about the Smartphones. How can you keep an eye on the smartphone? Well, now it’s possible because of iKeyguard, the only and the best key logger app available for iPhone.

With this app, you can also have the archives of the text messages and emails which you recently typed. It’ll not use much of your RAM so you don’t have to worry about this thing. It will be fully invisible on your phone. To make it more secure, you can set even set a password to use it. You can download it for free but the free version will not provide you the features that you can get by paying to download it. With the free version you can only see a few recorded words. You can buy the full version by just clicking “Buy” in your app. After purchasing this app, you will be able to record every keyword and its ability to email the logs at different intervals; will also get available to you. Just install the application, restart your iPhone and enjoy it.

Download the app from HERE.

Note: Your device must be jailbroken, before you install this app.

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