iOS Apps of the Day: Photosynth, Crackle, Student Tools

Check out the mobiledownloadblog's 3 iOS apps of the day:

Now you can create panorama and share it with your friends by using this great app. You can capture photos and create panoramas of any place or thing you want. Having integration with Facebook and Bing Maps, you can share it with your friends and billons of other people across the globe. This app lets you see your panorama take shape as you capture photos, Device library helps you to see your panoramas at anytime you want.
Full sphere panorama feature is also available which helps you to capture in all the directions. If you have iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPhone 4 or iPod touch available, you can download this app for free. You will never forget the fun that you’ll have while using this app. So download it now and start adding panoramas to your collection.

Now that’s what people want. This app lets you watch free movies on your iPhone. No, the movies are not cut, they are full length movies. You can watch Da Vinci code, snatch and not only this, but you can also watch top rated TV series.
This app is really one of the best apps for your iPhone and everybody will love it. You can also build the queue of the serials and movies that you want to watch and you can also manage it later according to your desire. Moreover movies and TV series are updated monthly and you can see the lists of it on this app’s official website. If you have a 3G or Wi-Fi available, you can easily stream HQ videos. Now you can watch “The Karate Kid”, “Spiderman, “Seinfeld” and more easily through your phone.

This app is also optimized for iPod touch and iPad. Browse by the name of the movie or TV series or search by keyword. The best thing of this app is that you can download it for free, you can watch for free. Crackle is definitely a must-have app for your phone.

Student Tools:
This app will surely help the students in their studies. It contains Notebook that will let you write or draw anything you want. You can also have a text-input calculator. This app will help you in trigonometric, logarithmic and arithmetic calculations. That’s not all. You can also calculate derivatives and integrals by just typing the equation.
This app will also help you in calculating sums, series and products. It is like an assistant for a student that helps him/her in doing their work faster. If you have an equation or a system of equations, you can also solve it by just tapping your screen. Moreover, you can also see a graph of any function by using its graphing feature. This app has surely made calculations easier than ever.

Now you don’t have to solve long and lengthy questions but you just have to write the problem on the screen and tell the app what you want to do with it. And the app will do the rest of work for you. You can have this educational assistant iOS app for $0.99 only.

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