iPhone Apps of the Day: Outbox, Blop, Motion Pictures

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's 3 iPhone apps of the day:

Now, you don't have to write long lines to wish someone on one's birthday or to request a follow up meeting with the client. Because OUTBOX is now available. You can use pre-customized emails to send to your friends, clients and anyone you want. It's best to use when you are busy or on the way for some work and you don't have time to type email. You just have to fill the names and other required details and you are ready to send it. It includes easy access to some commonly used templates. It also contains integration with the email accounts that are already set-up on your iPhone.
Make a shape with a block of colored tiles.  Yes, Blop is all about it. Clean the brown board tiles to reach up to the next level with your skills and experience. You can master the later levels with a lot of experience. This game is highly addictive. But it's simple and using its touch control is really easy. It has an auto-save game feature. Difficulty never remains the same but changes for each level. It has really great sound effects. And it's addictive for the people of all ages. And it's free, too.
Now you can watch the sunset and sunrise in seconds or entire day in minutes. With the help of this app, you can edit your frames in an entirely cool way. Just choose total number of frames and the time you want to have between each frame and it will tell you the total recording time and the total length of your movie.  To start recording, just press Record. You can share your saved videos with your friends, upload it on the site and you can also share it on your favorite social network. It's available for free.

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