iPhone Apps of the Day: TweetDeck, World Race, Wolfenstein 3D

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's 3 iPhone apps of the day:

TweetDeck helps you to use Facebook as well as Twitter on your phone with more ease. You can easily tweet, retweet, send updates, direct message, or mention on Twitter with the help of this app. You can also post to multiple Twitter accounts.
Talking about facebook, just tap your screen to see notifications, status updates, wall posts, likes, comments etc. TweetDeck is fully flexible and highly customizable. You can even decide what you want to see from these sites and it will let you see that stuff.
You can easily see the conversation on Twitter and comments on Facebook in detail. If you want to send long posts, it will not be a problem at all if you have TweetDeck. Experience the world of your social network at your fingertips. Now, let’s talk about its price. Any guess? Well, it’s free.
World Race:
Here’s is your chance to race in different cities of different countries. You’ll get realistic experience while playing it. Graphics are amazing and adds more beauty to this game. You’ll experience traffic just like you experience in your daily life. You’ll find yourself going through different cities of the world while sitting at your sofa, chair etc.
Cities like Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, London, New York and many more are included in this game. Feel the speed by racing to so many different beautiful locations. The game is available but you have to pay $.99 only. Well, this isn’t much amount if you want to play this cool game.
Wolfenstein 3D classic Pro:
This is a legendry original game. Make a way out of the castle Wolfenstein and defeat Nazi regime. It looks easy but it’s not. Some of the Nazi’s treasurer is stolen. Find the hidden secrets that will lead you to the treasure. You’ll also find weapons, health etc on your way which will help you in advancing to the next level. You can also see a map that will let you know about the places you have already explored.
The touch of a first person shooter game with advanced and modern technology has made this game to become popular. This game has a total of about 60 levels and amazing weapons. Shortly, You’ll enjoy playing it. It costs $0.99 only. Try this game now.

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