iQuickCall, a jail-broken app for iPhone allows to call a number with gesture

iQuickCall for iPhone
How much cool it will be to call a number with a gesture or different button combination when you are using your iPhone? If you are searching for such stuff, than probably this is the best tweak for you. It gives you a quick access to a number you call everyday. Not only this, but you can also text, email or call someone from anywhere you want on the screen. All this can be achieved by a iQuickCall jail-broken app for iPhone.

In the activator option inside the iQuickcall, you’ll find all the gestures that are available for iQuickCall. You can choose to press and hold the headset button or press the headset button once. In the home button mode, you can choose to press home button twice or short hold it. And there are many other options to do it. iQuickCall adds its own settings in the settings app from where you can add a number for call and text or a contact for email. All numbers can be same or each can be different. After entering your desired contacts and numbers, this tweak is ready to use. There’s another option that you can type another number or email anytime from the spring board.

Now you don’t have to go through your contact list to find a number you want to call everyday. iQuickCall has made it easy for you. So, what you have to pay? It’s not very expensive as it costs $0.99 only. But after paying this amount, you get access to a tweak that is really cool.


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