Motorola Xoom: 10 Best Android Applications

motorola xoom andriod apps
Check out the 10 best Android apps for Motorola Xoom:

LauncherPro is one of the best apps available for your Motorola Xoom as it eases the interaction of yours with the system. You get a highly customizable home screen after installing it. This app is available for free but if you want to have docks and icons, you have to pay just $1.99. You’ll really like it.

Dolphin HD Browser:
You can also call this app as the first app that can be downloaded to any android tablet. Although the browser in your tablet is quite good but you have to try this browser because this app really has a treatment for add-ons and bookmarks. Most of all, you don’t have to pay a cent to download it. Yes, it’s free.

This app was first known as Touiteur. But due to some problems, it changed its name. This twitter app is getting popular day by day because it has a good user interface and its easy to use twitter via this app. You can easily work with the twitter steams. You can even use the basic features of Twitter with ease if you have this app installed in your phone. It’s free.

This app is really cool. This is an eReader that makes it simple for you to read eBooks. You also have other eReader apps available in the market and if you want to try them, you should. But at the end, you’ll finally come to Kindle because of its wonderful features.

Blinkx is the world’s largest, most popular and most featured video search engine available. You can search videos of your desire via this app. This app is must have for your android tablet. It has got many features that you’ll know after you have it.

Amazon Mp3:
Purchase the music that you want with the help of this app. You’ll be glad to see free song of the day option when you use this app. Another interesting thing is the Amazon Album Deal of the Day. The app is really simple to use. You may have to pay for the mp3 but you don’t have to pay to download it. It’s free.

Exchange by TouchDown:
Having features like Email, Calendar and contacts options, this app is really useful. You’ll get push notifications for the emails you receive. When we talk about the email, this app resembles outlook desktop client. You can have TouchDown alerts of the events that you have saved in your calendars. It has got many other features. Try it.

Advanced Task Killer:
This app prevents the apps in taking much memory. You have a task manager on your PC and now you can have this task manager on your phone. It’s free.

Get connected with your friends, family and others via Qik. Make a video of your own or choose one from your Xoom and share it on your favorite social networks like Twitter, Facebook with the help of this app. You can even put that video on YouTube. Option to toggle video capture Quality is also available. It’s not a kind of app that you get everyday. It’s simple to use with easy user interface. Give it a try

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