Nokia E7: Free Applications Download

Nokia E7 Free best apps
Check out the best 20 free apps for Nokia E7 which were downloaded by more number of users:

Fring lets you connect with your friends, families and others right from your Nokie E7. You can use the option of Video call, you can use Voice call or you can live chat with them using this application. Fring buddies and friends from popular social networks, Yahoo, GTalk, and MSN etc can get connected with you with the help of this application.

So you want to write text as fast as possible on your Nokie E7, huh? Well, you can try Swype. With a continuous motionless on screen keyboard, you can write about 40 wpm. Having multi-language option, you can write in a language you want. Swype for symbian supports French, Canadian, U.S English, Brazilian, Spanish and Portuguese.

This application is best for all the song lovers. With lyrics in about 40+ languages, you can listen to your music, stream songs or watch music videos. Lyrics for about 2.5 millions songs are available. You can also follow your friends and see what they are listening to. Having features like playlists, songs search option etc makes this application wonderful.

Foreca Weather:
It’s an amazing free application for the Nokia E7. No matter where you are? This application helps you to know about the current weather condition of that location. In fact, you can know about the weather conditions of any location which you want. It depends on you whether you want to know the weather conditions from 140.000 hand picked locations or retrieve location by using your mobile’s GPS.

Inspired by the apple “slide unlock” feature, this one is for your phone. Slide your finger on the screen to unlock it and than use your phone in the way you want. Wait, you don’t have to unlock it if you need to know the time because you can see the easy-to-read time feature and other indicators of your phones even if it is locked.

Ovi Maps:
With the help of this application, you can get access to different locations and addresses and will be guided by free walk and drive navigation. This application is available for 78 countries in the world. You can also share your location on Facebook with the help of Ovi Maps. Download it and than go to the official Ovi website and download the maps which you want.

Having an access to 150+ live channels from about 20+ countries; SPB TV is a free wonderful application for your mobile. It also includes the video on demand facility. Either picture-in-picture view facility or instant preview of channels facility, this app includes these and many more features in it.

N-Desk V2.3:
Everyone wants a beautiful desktop theme and so do you. How about using N-Desk v2.3? Provided by Bai En, this is the best desktop application for Nokia. This app is downloaded 100000+ times .Smoothness, popularity, stable, pretty, least RAM consuming and least storage consuming, are all these beautiful features in this mind blowing application.

Nokia Battery Monitor:
As the name suggests, this application lets you know about your battery level. How much battery is left for use? How much time it’ll take to charge it? And how much time is left for use? It’ll also provide you the statistics of the recent battery usage.

This application is for all those who want to stay in touch with their social networking websites. Including Facebook, twitter etc, and this application makes it possible to you to start any website when you want. Starting all these websites separately will be time consuming. By using this application, you will same your time as well as your battery. It’ll be easy for you to get all your notifications from this single app. You can also know about the weather, listen and watch the news and many more.

Fingerprint Scanner:
You surely don’t want anyone to use your phone without your permission. How about having more strict security on using it? Try Fingerprint scanner. It’ll block all the key presses you’re your fingerprint is on the top. It’ll not recognize that whose finger it is but it will unlock on the number of beeps and vibrations since your finger touch the screen.

Searching for free optical barcode scanner for your Nokie E7? Here’s the one for you. Supporting 2D, 1D and bidi, you can get videos, music and other content to your phone quickly and easily. MAI (Mobile Access and Interaction) Technology, which is coming soon, will include multi-functionality and different scanning/reading techniques.

Whatsapp Messenger:
WhatsApp is a smartphone messenger for your phone. Using the 3G and Wi-Fi technology, you can chat with your loved ones, friends, family and others at the cost of none. That’s good. One more thing, it’s free.

Best Screen Snap:
A free-to-download application that helps to capture your screen’s snapshot, allows you to save it and share it with your friends.

Air Horn-Free:
Searching for fun? Here’s an application for you. Air Horn helps you to blow other’s ears off. See what’s their reaction after hearing it? It’s free and easy to use. Please be careful while using it.

Night Light:
Now, watch the time on your phone by tapping it and turn on and off the night light by double tapping it. Another version (Night Light Pro) is also has the feature to turn the lights on and off by clapping.

Level Touch:
With the build in accelerometer in the device, this application contains a bubble in a tube which lets you find the level in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Police Siren:
Now, have fun with the police siren in your mobile phone. Yes, you heard it right. This app includes the police siren with the flashing police light feature

Free Translating Parrot:
Available support for up to 12 languages, this application features translating parrot which translates your written text in Arabian, Hindi, italic, French, Chinese etc

Nokia Internet Radio:
This application helps you to search (By language, country, and genre) for the live radio channels on the internet and listen to your favorite for free. Amazing, isn’t it?

What free apps do you use on Nokie E7?

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