Nokia E7 hits the US markets for $679

Nokia E7 hits the US market
The Brand new Symbian^3 phone i.e. Nokia E7 has hit the stores in USA. If you are staying in US you can order it directly from Nokia’s online store. Pre-orders were running from the last one month, and finally E7 is available in the stocks. It’s all set to deliver at your doorsteps if you have already placed your order.

The price hasn’t changed. It is as it was during the pre-order phase. You need to pay $679 for this brand new E7. You will get the unlocked version of the phone at this price, No contracts nothing. But still we think its bit expensive. According to our prediction this device will not attract most of the users because of its price and in the US markets popularity of Nokia devices have already gone down.

Nokia N8 was $200 cheaper than Nokia E7. Yeah we know, you would say that it has got a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard and a bigger screen, but N8 has got a better camera and it’s cheaper than E7. Well it’s all up you which one will you buy.

Nokia will unveil it’s the big Symbian UI update on 12th of April at its event, not just another cheap smart phone. If this happens, we would love to hear about getting the update on E7 this year.

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