Nokia W7 and Nokia W8 can be the first Two WP7 Phones from Nokia

Nokia W7 and Nokia W8 Phones
Eldar Murtazin the industry insider, who is known as Nokia seer says tha Nokia will make its debut with Windows Phone by launching two new devices, the W7 and the W8. According the news we got, Nokia has started testing W7 and out of those two Windows Phones, W7 is expected to arrive first in the market. Rumors say that W7 look exactly like Nokia X7. X7 was announced just in this week and it’s really a great phone with Symbian Anna 4 inch AMOLED screen and stainless steel body. The other expected Windows Phone Device from Nokia is W8. If you believe in the words of Murtazin, he says that W8 will be resembled from Nokia N8.

So the windows phones from Nokia are looking to stay with the top designs of Nokia so far. A Rumor spread around says that Nokia’s first windows phone will hit the market in 2012. According to Murtazin Nokia has already got dozens of devices to launch next year in the market.

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