Samsung Fascinate: Best Android Apps Download

Samsung Fascinate best android apps
Check out the best apps for Samsung Fascinate, a Galaxy-S variant in US:

Pocket Informant:
This app is integrated with Google calendars. You can have good task management if you have this app in your phone. This app has got many features and you have to pay $5.99 to get it. Try this app to get familiar with modern and digital calendars.
There are a lot of twitter apps available in the market. But some can be called as the best apps and you can put this app in best apps for twitter category. It has got a simple interface and the basic twitter functions are really easy to use. It’s free so feel free to try
Advanced Task Killer:
Now you can have the best task manager in your phone. Many times you may listen songs but forget to turn them off. This app is here to help you as it will automatically shut done all the un-necessary applications that are wasting your battery. It will save the precious battery time for you by taking this action.
Google Voice:
If you don’t want to share your phone number with everyone and are worried about your number’s privacy, you can use Google Voice on your android phone. This amazing app lets you call to anyone you want to, by hiding your original number and making call through Google Voice generated number. This is really cool. Isn’t it?
Most of you have used it on PC and now it’s available for your phones too. Drop box is one of the best file sharing apps available for your phone. You can upload any file to your account by using it or you can download any content that you want. Uploading files on Dropbox will let you save your precious memory and you can later access it by just signing in to your dropbox account
Google Maps Navigation:
Every thing is entering in the modern world and so do the navigation systems. First, it became available to your cars and that helped you a lot. And now it’s available for your phones. You can search the location you want by telling it to this map via your mouth. This app will provide you the traffic data, satellite view etc of that place.
Now you can have your personal assistant every time with you, in your pocket. Locale will adjust your phone settings according to a place and type of work you are doing. Like if you are in a meeting, this app will automatically activate the silent mode. Moreover, it will also remind you about the next meetings and appointments. This app is really cool and you should have it in your phones.
This is one of the best types of keyboards available for your phones. You can type using it and in some time, it will become familiar with the type of words you want to write. After that, just type one or two characters of your desired word and it will predict the whole word for you.
Amazon Cloud/Mp3 Player
This app has recently released and has earned great popularity. Now you can have all your songs in this one app. And than you can access them using any android device. You may not call it the best mp3 app but it’s free and it has got fast streaming too. What else you want?
Many eBooks for android phones have released but this is the best. It is getting more and more popular every day. It’s free to use. So just try it and you will find yourself using only this app for e-book reading.

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