Samsung Galaxy S2 Delayed in UK?

Samsung Galaxy S2 preorder in UK
There was a report that we heard in February that Samsung Galaxy S II was available on pre-order with Clove and it will become available till the second half of March. But it has not happened as the availability of Samsung galaxy S II has been delayed. And now, Clove may hit stock in May.

This smartphone was launched at MWC that was held in the mid of February. It was equipped with Tegra2 chip. It has 4.3” display and 8 megapixels camera. It will also support 1080p video capture and it will have a 2 megapixels front facing webcam that may support video calling too.

Its 16GB model price was dropped and was available for $860 but still, it’s expensive. However, there’s no change related to 32GB model which means that the pre-order prices are still valid for this model. To preorder the phone just visit Clove.

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