Samsung to launch NFC handsets on BADA Platform

NFC enabled Bada phones
If you want communicate in a near field (near field communication OR NFC) then you should expect that technology will take off some devices which are NFC enabled. We thought that we will be seeing a lot of them in the market till this time. After the launch of Android 2.3 expectations were more from the Android Devices but we were proved to be wrong. According to a leaked document which was discovered by the Bada World, Samsung has tighten their belts and they are all set to launch a pair of BADA Devices which will have NFC inside. These handsets are expected to hit the markets in the Q4 of this year. These handsets will also be having the latest version of Bada operating system. A lot of time left for these devices to show off and it will take some more time to hit the stores and becoming available to the people.

The Delay in arrival of NFC enabled devices is happened only because of two companies: Apple, they have launched their iPhone 4 and soon they are going to launch its updated version in the market. And the other one is Qualcomm, making chips for most of the Android handsets. If Qualcomm gets in with NFC then, we are going to listen about NFC all the way this and next year.

via Bada World

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