SD Increase App for Android increases speed of Memory Card Access

SD Increase App for Android
SD Increase application for android allows you to make more powerful the using of SD Card. This app changes a parameter in a file system (thus the need of Root access) that manages the size of the cache on the memory card. By default, this value is set to 128 (kb) but it was found that changing this value in 2048 (kb), the performances are optimized, making read-write on our external memory faster.

Note that if you reboot/turn off your device, you lose the setting that you did, so you can click on the dedicated box to allow this app to set on every boot the value that you choose. The app is working great on thunderbolt, Droid Pro etc. Check on your Phone by downloading the app for FREE.

The folks who used this app writes, "Increased the performance alot, Apps load faster, picture thumb nails in gallery loads faster, spotify's songs load faster so you can start listen quickly. This is an essential app for rooted".

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