Showyou, a social video app for iPad & iPhone

Social video app for iPad
A brand new app has arrived in the App store for iPad guys. This one is called ShowYou, and the thing which made us to write about this app is its features. This app can collect all your videos at one place and makes the social video consumption better.

Once you have got the ShowYou iPad app, you can sign in with your twitter and Facebook accounts. You can also create a Vodpod persona for your profile. The benefit of this persona is that you will be able to thank other buddies online when they send you some cool stuff’s they watch.

The creators of ShowYou call its layout a “Grid” and it’s really a visually pleasing. You can scroll up and down or left and right view around 1,000 videos. While playing a video on iPhone or iPad you can share it over Twitter, Facebook or mail.

The ShowYou app is available for free download from the Appstore and you can grab it from there for your iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

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