Skyfire Browser for Android updated to 4.0

Skyfire Browser 4.0 for Android
Android devices got the updated version of the Skyfire browser. This is version 4.0 and this time it has got some good tweaks for the browser with customization options to Skybar.

But there’s a change which really shocked us. If you haven’t used Skyfire browser on your Android Phone you will have to pay for Skyfire’s signature pre-buffered video streaming. This feature will save your data usage as well as your time as claimed by Skyfire. Hey, but if you are an existing user of this browser you don’t need to pay a single penny for this feature. Skyfire has promised to give this feature to their existing customers for free.

Last time when Skyfire got big update for the iOS platform, improvements were noticed in Facebook integration of the browser. Pages were loaded very quickly and whatever our friends share was noticed in a moment with full Facebook Experience through handy shortcut. The thing which we really loved was ability to access Flash Videos which was not there in iOS devices by default. For people who use tablets, Skyfire also let you change your user agent. So that’s really a nice feature when you don’t to be redirected on the mobile version of the Website.

The updated version of the Skyfire for Android, iPad, iPhone can be downloaded from HERE.

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