TripAdvisor for Windows Phone 7 now available

tripadvisor for windows-phone-7
TripAdvisor is one of the known apps which is really good for on-the-go travelers. Trip-advisor has been launched for the iOS, Android and Symbian devices. Now this app is also available for the Windows Phone 7 users. They launched their app for Windows Phone 7 a few days ago.

You can download this app for your phone without paying a single penny, from Windows Phone 7 marketplace in 17 countries and in 5 languages. TripAdvisor allows travelers to access the trusted travel advice which includes information on hotels, restaurants, visiting places (hotspots) and flights.

TripAdvisor for Windows Phone 7 features include:
  • Access to TripAdvisor’s complete database of more than 45 million reviews and opinions.
  • “Near Me Now” functionality, which allows users to see what hotels, restaurants and attractions are nearby.
  • The ability to find cheap flights using the TripAdvisor Flights search engine (U.S. and U.K. only).
  • Access to the TripAdvisor forums, where you can ask questions and receive helpful feedback.
  • Traveler photos of hotels, restaurants, attractions and destinations.
If you want to grab this app for your Windows phone 7 just search for it in the Windows Phone Marketplace. You will definitely find it there.

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