Turn iPhone into Home Alarm System with Witness App

Witness Remote app for iPhone
A new application for Mac with a mobile component for iPhone has arrived. It’s called Witness. With the help of this $40 app you will be able to change your Mac into a home surveillance system. This app relies on the iSight camera to detect moves and broadcast video to a known web page or the Witness app.

The app for iPhone which also works on iPod Touch and iPad can be downloaded for free, but it’s of no use unless you have the registered version of Witness for Mac. Talking about the main application which runs on Mac. It runs in the background and shows some activity when any kind of movement is detected.

Witness is designed to make your Mac a surveillance system but it can be used for spying on others in your house or office. Well People who keep their secret things in front of their Mac can try out Witness for sure.

Spending $40 for this? Well it all depends upon you whether to try or not. Get the app for Mac and iPhone from HERE

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