Updated Facebook App for iPhone makes Unfriending easy

facebook app for iPhone updated
Making someone our friend on facebook has become our habit these days. When you see someone on facebook we want to know about or if you know them we send them a friendship request by adding them as your friends. They approve our request and you have got one more person in our friends list. Or the same thing happens from their side. This keeps on happening and suddenly you have got more than 1000 friends on your facebook profile.

Smart phones have also played an important role in this. You keep your phone with you all time. Whenever you get any friend request on facebook you just add up in your tally. Or you do the same thing which you were doing on your PC. But the problem is when you realize that you have got lots of people in your friend list that just increase your notifications, then you want to remove them from your friends. What you do? You open your profile from your PC and start removing the unwanted people from your friend list. Now you can do this without your PC only. If you are an iPhone user then you can do this on the go.

The updated version of the facebook app v3.4 for iOS allows you to “unfriend” a person from your friend list directly from the app. This app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. All you need to do just find your unwanted friend via the iOS application and click that little arrow in the top right-hand corner next to their name. When the prompt box opens, just tap the big red "unfriend" button. This is how you remove him/her out of your list. This feature isn’t available for the Android. Android users will have to wait for this.

This updated version also added map view for Places, the ability to check into Events that you're attending, as well as an improved news feed and better notifications

To get this features, all you need to do is just update facebook app on your iPhone

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