White iPhone popped up in Verizon inventory

white iPhone 4 in verizon
Finally the news is real this time. Apple will be releasing white iPhone 4 soon. We were expecting that white iPhone will come up with AT&T but the reports are something different. The white iPhone 4 will come with Verizon in the markets. This was just a shot in an air before one week but now it’s confirm that Verizon is set to launch both 16 GB and 32 GB white iPhone 4 models and the devices have already popped up in Verizon’s internal inventory database. Apple has confirmed over and over again that the white iPhone 4 will come this spring (which is from now until early June) and independent reports claim that we’ll be seeing the white iPhone by the end of April.

The models have got into in the inventory, making us sure that it has been launched according to the given date. According to the screenshots released, it don’t show the exact name of the models but they show the number. We have news from the source that MC679LL/A is the code for the white iPhone and MC679LL/A is the code for black version. The iPhone’s have got same kind of code just their last numbers are changed. The same thing is with the iPad 2. So anyone buying the white iPhone?

via 9to5 mac

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