iOS Apps of the Day: SimCity Deluxe, Wolfram Statistics, Hound

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SimCity Deluxe for iPad
This is the best city building simulation game for PC and now, it’s available for iPad users too. Build your dream city and manage it as you desire. You are the mayor of the city as well as the city planner. The game with HD display and wonderful touch controls is worth playing.
The game has an easy-to-use interface and optimized controls that gives you an easy and full control over the game. You can have the full advantage of the large screen in this game. There are so much things that you need to look upon like tax rate, loans etc. Choose to remake the 7 starter cities or make the whole new one by placing trees, water etc wherever you want. There are disasters for every season that can strike your city at anytime. Let yourself decide the best way to avoid these disasters. Shortly, the game is worth-playing.
SimCity Deluxe is available at 85% discounted rate. So, don’t miss your chance to grab this game as soon as possible because the sale is going to end soon. The game costs $0.99.
Wolfram Statistics Course Assistant
This is a wonderful app for statistics. If you have taken statistics, this is a must-have app for you. You can solve your homework problems easily. Prepare for your tests in more advanced way and it will clear all your statistics concepts.
Scatter the plot of any data you want, or create a bar chart. You can also calculate the normal probabilities and know about normal and binomial distributions. If you have problems regarding dice rolls and coin flips, just start the app and find the solution of your problem
The one thing that you want to know about this app is that it is designed by the creators of the world’s leading software system for mathematical research. Now you can have your assistant of statistics every time with you in your pocket. You will definitely like this app.
The app is available for $1.99 only.
Hound is simply the best app to search music. You don’t have to tap your screen to write the name of the song to search it. That was an old way and you are now in 2011 and you have iPhone in your hand. All you have to do is “Speak”. Tap the screen once and speak the name of artist, title of song or a band and get the list of the related music, lyrics album arts etc
You can also check out the details related to the song like the artist, album information and even the tour dates. If you are a music lover than you must try this app. The best part of it is you don’t have to cash in something to get this app. Yes, the app is free. So, feel free to download it.

Android Apps of the Day: Coin Pusher, PacDroid Live Wallpaper, SPB Time

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's Android apps of the day:

Coin Pusher
This casino style game is especially for those who are coin pusher addicts. But the positive part here is that you are not going to lose your money. The game is simple but it has lot of fun.
In this game, you enter the coins that drop down from the pocket. Do not push the coins aside or out of your reach. There are special items in the game. Collect them to get the bonuses or more coins. When your pockets get empty, you still don’t have to worry about it because the more are coming to you. The control of the game is simple and easy. You just have to tap to drop the coins. The game has come with superb 3D effects. Beware! The game is addictive.
You can download coin Pusher for free.
PacDroid Live Wallpaper
You can change the style of your wallpaper in unique way with the help of this app. The wallpaper is pacman style and the pacman will eat the fruits from your homescreen. If you don’t like the fruits on your home screen, you can change it to another picture you want. There’s a device gallery app from where you can select the picture. If you want best result from the app, you should select 25x25 pixels picture.
The app is getting popular and has above 4 rating. You must try this app. It will be more precise to call it as live wallpaper instead of an app. This will surely give your Android a new and exciting look that you will like.
The app is still free to download. You don’t have to pay a penny to buy this exciting live wallpaper. Download it now and rate it.
SPB Time
SPB Time provides your phone with all the time related equipments in a beautiful way. It’s the world’s best selling application and you are going to like it.
The app includes the digital clock as well as analogue clock in it. Moreover, you can also set another digital and analogue world clock that will tell you about the time of the country you want to know. The alarms are available in most advanced ways. Moon phases let you know about the day of the moon. You can choose one from classic, paranoid and bio alarms. It’s not a single widget but there are a total of 6 homescreen widgets. Stopwatch is also available with in the app to help you measure the time of a simple pendulum or a race or anything else. Online skin catalog feature is also available.
Once you get bored with the theme, you can change it anytime. There are more than 30 themes available for the app. The app works for Android 2.1 and higher versions.
SPB time is offering a Launch Sale with 60% off. Don’t be late or else you will lose the offer. Get the app for just $1.99.

Windows Phone 7 running Mango Hands On

Check out the quick video of a Windows Phone 7 running Mango:


Android Apps of the Day: Contacts 3, Ghosttown, Beautiful Widgets Lite

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's Android apps of the day:

Contacts 3
Contacts 3 is one of the very useful apps for your Android phone. It works for Android 1.5 or higher. With this app, you can easily manage your contact information. It supports Tabbed Browsing that allows you to view contact list, notes and contact information in different tabs. The app has three eye-catching color themes that are available in Pink and Blue and Green.
You may not want to share sensitive information of your contact database on the internet due to insecurity problems. But if you have this app installed in your phone, you can definitely protect it by locking the notes that you have for your contacts. When you have done the locking, you can later view it from your phone only.
Many people have liked it so much and you can still get it for free.
No, it’s not a ghost-hunting game but it’s an app that can be called as the “Best Music App” for Android users. Stream music and listen it as much as you want to.
This app gets the music from YouTube and entertains you with the best music service available for your phone. Just provide the search with an artist name. The albums of the related artists will appear on the window. Select the song that you want to listen and select it for streaming. You can also add the songs to your favorite ones. If you have multiple songs that you want to listen, you can select it and add it in the Playlists so that you can listen it easily. Once you have made the playlist, you can also share your playlist with your friends.
You can get the full version of this app for Free but if you don’t like advertisements, you have to pay $0.99. You can enjoy as both versions are same except having the advertisement problems.
Beautiful Widgets Lite
Beautiful Widgets Lite is a set of amazing and wonderful widgets that you want to have in your phone. Do you want to know about the time and weather forecasts? You can get the Time and Weather Forecast widget from the app. In which phase the moon is right now, you will get to know about it. The app is highly customizable.
If you are bored with the old version of these skins, you can get the new in the future. One thing to be noted here is that the installation of this app is also very easy. You can also toggle the widgets like Wi-Fi, plane mode, rotate etc. Customize in the best way to configure your widgets.
So, don’t wait anymore. Just download this app for free and use the widgets that you always wanted to use in your phone.

iPhone Apps of the Day: iCab Browser, Phonto, Blupt

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iCab Browser
iCab is a wonderful browser available for iPhone and iPod Touch. With all unique features, it’s one of its kinds.
There are several default search engines that are available within the browser and you can choose any of them. You can also search on a specific webpage.
There are many built-in and customizable filters included in this app. They can block advertisements. Edit, Remove or add them as you want. You can also save the webforms and make them password protected. You can choose the browsing without the toolbars that means you can view the whole browser in full-screen mode. Whenever you set a password, others can use the internet as a guest. The guests can have their own search engines and bookmarks. The browser also has a built-in Download Manager so that you can download all files easily and in a better way. Through “ScrollPad”, you can easily scroll to any location where you want to go on the webpage. Private Browsing is also supported in which the browser will not keep any history of what you have done. You can also organize the bookmarks in folders. The app has a lot more features that you will get to know when you will download it.
You can easily save any image or the whole webpage if you like. You can also easily download the PDF files. The browser also supports compression so that your precious bandwidth is not fully used. The app supports different color schemes available to iPhone and iPod Touch.
The app costs $1.99. Get into the new browsing world now.
The app is really easy and simple. With the help of this app, you can easily add text to any image you want.
There’s not a single font available but you can choose from 100 different fonts. You can also change the text size and adjust it according to your need. Whether its text color or text background color, you can change it.
The app is simple and it’s very easy to use. You can download this app for free.
Play with a creature that does not have any beak and it’s not an alien too. Throw the flavored bubbles that will go and change the color of bubby. Don’t try to do this in the wrong way or else, “Game Over”. Think logically and practice your target skills to master this game.
There are about 80 levels of this game and each level demands logic and skills. Blupt! has wonderful graphics too. The user interface is simple and easy-to-use. With only one-finger-touch control, you can drag and shoot easily and smartly. Online leaderboards are also available. Play, master and score as best as you can and let the Game Center leaderboards know about it.
The game costs $0.99 only. Will you succeed or will you blupt!

iOS Apps of the Day: iGraph, Electro Chuck, Sideways Racing

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's iOS Apps of the Day:

This app is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This app is very helpful for the students who deal with graphs in their everyday life. The app will help you draw your toughest equations on the Cartesian plane. It was never so easy.
This is the first version of this application. More and more updates are on their way. The constants like “pi and e” are automatically inserted. You can also customize the graphic aspect ratio of the graph. iGraph has made the graph plotting so easy. The app has very simple user interface. It’s also not a heavy app. The graphics of the app are wonderful, too.
The app’s original price is $0.99 only but you can get it on lower rates. How? As this is the new release. The app is available for $0.79 only for the first week. So save $0.20 and download this app now.
Electro Chuck
The classic game in new style is now available for your iPhone and iOS. Your phone will become a steering wheel if you tilt it. So, tilt it to go further without touching the electric line. Tap behind the chuck to stretch me. Beware! There are enemies on the way. Try to get bonuses specially the multiplier bonus that will help you in scoring higher and higher as fast as possible. Stay at the center of that electric line to earn more points. The electric line can give a shock to chuck. So, try to stay away from it.
The game is too much fun and you are going to like it for sure. The beautifully designed graphics increases the value of this game. The game has very simple controls but passing each level is not so simple. There are 10 levels of one world in the game. If you want to get to the next world, you have to gather 30 stars to unlock it. Moreover, there are other achievements that you have to unlock and unlocking them is not easy.
The game costs $1.99 so grab it and get addicted to it.
Sideways Racing
If you think that you are about to begin a casual Sunday drive in this game. The ride is wild and the game is superb. It’s available for iPad.
You can choose from the three game modes that are: League, Knockout and Time Trial. In the league mode, the sideways racing league is on the go. Race and top the leaderboard to get to the next level. In the knockout mode you have to race all the tracks and you have to win them too, the one in the last will lose the race. Are you the one? Or are you going to survive till the end? In the time trial mode, there’s a competition between you and the time. Just beat the time up and show that you are the fastest racer in this game. There are different levels for time trial but you can unlock it only by winning the league races.
There can be a maximum of 10 cars at once on the track. The control of the game is very much easy. You can use swiping or left and right buttons to steer the car. There are nine full race tracks, 1 training track and credits track. The graphics are very much good and smooth. You can also use the nitro-boost to race quickly towards finish.
The game costs $1.99 but this is a limited-time offer. You can download it at this cost until 1st June. So, don’t be late. Get this app as soon as possible.

Nokia Oro: 18-carat Gold Plating Mobile Phone

Check out the below video where Mr. Alessandro Lamanna, Vice President, Marketing at Nokia talks about Nokia Oro, a stunning new smartphone that incorporates 18-carat gold plating, a sapphire crystal and leather from one of Scotland's finest Caledonian herds. Nokia Oro, a premium brand product, will be available in selected markets only.

Android Apps of the Day: eBuddy XMS, Roland Garros 2011, Shakecall

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's 3 Android apps of the day:

eBuddy XMS
Message your friends in a unique and different way by eBuddy XMS. You can use emoticons, pictures or text in the message.You can use it at anytime.Whether you want to say hello or you want to have a conversation, you can use this app.
There are more than 100 emoticons in the app. The app has cool graphics and it’s also easy to use this app. eBuddy XMS comes with a simple UI. What eBuddy XMS needs is an internet connection and if you have that, you can share unlimited messages with your friends.
The app is free. Download and start XMS.
Roland Garros 2011 French Open
First thing you need to know about this app is that it is an official app for Roland Garros 2011 French Open. The scores will be real-time. You can easily watch best matches and the best videos in your phone. The app is available in two languages. The breaking news will be real time and will keep you updated about all the happenings of the match. You can also listen to the Official Roland Garros radio and catch all the action from it. The app will also let you know about the draws and results of the matches.
You will be able to see the highlights of the videos. You can also catch up what’s happening behind the scenes and interviews of your favorite stars.
If you are an Orange-customer and you are living in France, that’s not all for you. You can have multi-coverage which means that you can watch up to 5 matches at the same time.Choose upto 5 players that you like the most and get match notifications.
The app does not cost a penny if you want to download. Yes! It’s free.
The app is very cool for the people who want to try different unique stuff. Taaping the phone to receive the call is now an old way to accept it. Install this app so that whenever there is a call, you don’t have to tap the screen but you just have to shake your phone to accept it. After you have recived the call, you can disconnect it by shaking your phone again.
The app is very light and simple. Picking and hanging up the call was never so fun.The app also has the vibration alert sensor recognition.
The app has been rated above 4 out of five. Let’s talk about its price. Well, you don’t have to pay anything to download this wonderful app. So get it for free and receive and hangup calls in a shaky way.

iOS Apps on Sale for Free: Nike+GPS, PhotoComic,Relievos

Check out the 3 iOS apps that are on sale:

Install this app and run and see how much progress have you made. Whenever a friend likes or comment on your run status, you will hear cheers.
This app uses the GPS efficiently and let you track every indoor and outdoor workout easily. You can record your pace and distance by using iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer technology. A voice feedback will be there to tell you about your progress. When you get the runs, get different messages from the top athletes.
You can also activate the powersongs that will help you energize yourself. If you have this app, you always will have the record of your progress in your pocket so that you can view it anytime.
NIKE+ is going to celebrate its 5th birthday. The app is, therefore, free but it’s for a limited time. Get this app. Hurry up!
PhotoComic for iPad
With the help of PhotoComic, you can create your own comic strip. Capture those moments that you want to never let go from your life and make a comic strip of them. You can even share them with your friends and others.
The app has very easy-to-use user interface. You can put various action words, add different layouts or fill with various bubbles to create an amazing and beautiful Photocomic. First thing that you will do is selecting a layout. After that, you will add photos to each frame. Each bubble body and tail is movable so adjust the PhotoComic as you like. You can customize every object. All you have to do is to double tap on it. The app has also integration with Facebook and Twitter so that you can share it with your friends easily. You can also email your creation to your friends and others if you want to.
The app is free. But it’s a limited time offer. We don’t know yet what charges you have to pay after this limited time. So, hurry and grab this app before you have to put some cash for its download.
This app is for iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd Generation, iOS4 or later. Relievos HD is also coming soon for iPad. Select a picture you like and turn it into a 3D image. Isn’t it amazing?
Just select an image. Move your finger on any area you want to pop out and then tilt your device to move the picture and look at the 3D image from different angles. If you have done a mistake, you can undo it by using multi-level undo feature, Zoom in and out by using two fingers pinch zoom. Once you are done and you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can upload it on these social networking websites and share it with your friends. One thing to be noted here is that this app supports JPEG files only. GIF and PNG files are also not supported.
Grab this app before the end of May because it’s free till then.

New Features of Windows Phone 7 next Release

Designed to be the best Windows Phone yet which will be available in Fall 2011 to a Windows Phone near you. Check out all the new features of windows phone 7 for making apps, web, and communication even easier.

Android Apps of the Day: Debt Payoff Planner, Finger Board, BatteryGuard

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's Android apps of the day:

Debt Payoff Planner
This is one of the best debt reduction apps available in the market. This app will give you multiple strategies that will help you by letting you know that which loan you have to payoff first and the time it will take to be debt free. When you have paid the pending payments, you can mark them as “paid”.
The app uses the method known as Snowball to find the best debt payoff plan for you. So now, you don’t have to write everything on a notepad to remember what you have to do in the next days. Just install this app and you will find it as the best solution for your problem
The app costs $0.99 only. There is a lite version of this app that is available for free.
Finger Board
Do you like skateboarding? You can do that now with the help of your fingers. Place both of your fingers on the circles that are shown on the skateboard to begin. Grind rails and dodge the objects to hit the high scores. Move your index finger to perform some amazing tricks. This is a 2D game and you will find it addictive.
The game is very simple to play but it’s not easy to perform the tricks. It has a friendly user interface and good looking graphics. You can also turn the sound off if you want to. The latest version is 1.1.4 and it works for Android 2.2 or higher.
The app is free and you don’t have to pay a penny to try this one. Start Finger-boarding now.
This can be called as a must-have app for all the Android users. It’s the simplest and easiest way to improve your battery time. There are some applications and tasks that you don’t use and they continue running on your phone and you don’t even know about them. When you install BatteryGuard, it will automatically manage such problems. You can free up your system resources and you will realize that your Android phone is on for more time than it was before BatteryGuard.
The app is liked by many Android users. The app helps you in improving your battery time by a great extent. It has worked for almost all the customers. But still, they don’t charge you a penny for its download. Yes! You can download it for free. Check this app by yourself.

Android vs WP7 vs iOS4 vs Symbian^3 Browser Speed!

Check out the Video demonstrating the speed of the browsers on Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (v2.3) vs. Samsung Omnia 7 (v7392) vs. iPhone 4 (v4.2) vs. Nokia N8 (PR1.2):


iOS Apps of the Day: Draw Jump HD, PhotoForge2, Candy Train

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's iOS Apps of the day:

Draw Jump HD
Help the cosmo to fly high by swapping your fingers. The game is really simple to play. Cosmo is like a rocket-man that doesn’t fly with the help of fuel. Instead, you have to draw trampolines for it. The game is a real fun and purely addictive. Don’t stop to draw trampolines. Let the cosmo fly higher and higher. You can even take the cosmo to the stars and planets.
The game has got excellent HD quality graphics and it’s optimized for iPad too. Cosmo doesn’t harm the atmosphere, too as its carbon free. It’s green in color. There are sunflower fuel cells in the galaxy. Find them and they will give you energy boost. Let the people know how higher you went. You can post your scores on the leaderboard which is available every time. The app also has integration with your favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter
The game costs $2.99 only. Get this game and help this little rocket to fly higher higher and higher.
PhotoForge2 is really an amazing app for iPhone that you will like. Many different tools are available to edit your photo and these tools and features make this app unique. Full resolution editing makes it easy for you to edit every pixel of your picture any time you want. Another amazing feature that this app includes is a true layer support. You can easily create another layer that you can fill with either a photo or with a color. Blend them, change the opacity to make it a really good looking artwork. If you don’t want to see any part of the feature, you can mask it as well.
There are powerful adjustments like sharpness, contrast, brightness, exposure, and highlights etc that are also included in this app. You can choose from 25 filters and edit your photo on the most modernized way available for your iPhone. Crop a photo if you want and add frames and textures. You can also add GPS location to your photo easily. Make a combination by combining different filters, frames, flashes, processing paper, films and lenses to make your own camera effect. There are over 12 million combinations that can be made.
Once you have done editing, you can upload your photo on DropBox, Picasa etc or you can share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you like photography than this is a must-have app for you. And if you are a beginner, you can’t get any better platform than this to start editing.
The app costs $2.99.
Candy Train
Sweet candies are getting popped up everywhere. One more thing that will excite you is that you are the conductor who is going to collect all the candies. One bad news is that the track was built by someone and he failed in basic engineering. Now, it’s upto you. You have to pierce the track as well as collect all the candies on the way. You have to make out a path for your train but you don’t have all the day. You have to do it with in the given time.
Candy Train was released many years ago and it was almost forgotten. A programmer, loved that game and thought to make this game again but this time for iPhone and iPad. She worked day and night and she succeeded. Now she is working as a Game Programmer in the company that released this game before (PopCap).
The game is free.

iOS apps of the day: Pixeroid, iDraw, Office² HD

Check out Mobiledownloadblog’s iOS apps of the day:

Generating pixeroids was never so much fun. Easily create pixeroids by selecting your pictures and share it with your friends to get bonus artwork. Use the generated pixeroids as wallpapers, posters or set it as your social network website’s profile picture.
The use of the app is really easy. Select a picture. Select the artwork you want to see on your picture and wait till your pixeroid gets built. During this process, you can pause the process if you want to make any change in the artwork. After changing the artwork and other settings, resume to the process and watch your pixeroid getting build.
There’s a half price special offer for a limited time. So, don’t be late to get this app. The app costs $1.99 only.
Draw the beautiful work of art and whatever you want with this app. It was never so easy to create complex designs. Choose what you want to draw and this app will provide you the tools you need.
Use the Brush tool or pencil tool to sketch a design. Tools like color picker, powerful pen, font panel, multi-color gradient editor and more are available. Canvas scale, rulers are available for your ease. You can use multiple layers to draw unique and complex designs. And once you are done, you can export your work as PDF, SVG, PNG or JPEG files. If you want to show your artwork to your friends, you can even mail it to them.
Integration with DropBox is there that will help you to upload your artwork to your DropBox account so that you can get it later. iDraw is a great and wonderful application. With its easy-to-use user interface, you can easily design whatever you want.
The app costs $8.99. Check it out!
Office² HD (iPad)
You can open your office files with much ease and comfort. Office² HD supports doc, docx, XLS, PPT files. You can open, view and edit any office document. Not only this, Office² HD also gives you access to all your stored documents by easily accessing them in Google Docs, DropBox etc.
Make your presentations, word documents or spreadsheets in a cool way. You can also get your documents from your email attachments and you can send your saved ones through email, too.
Word supports Text and fill color, changing font size and style, formatting of a paragraph, inserting images, spell check, auto-correction and undo-redo.
PowerPoint supports inserting images, paragraph formatting, slide ordering, slideshow, rotation of shapes and texts etc.
Spreadsheet supports handling multiple worksheets, cell formatting, merging cells, date formats and separations, pane freezing sorting cells, changing heights and widths of rows and columns and a lot more.
You can save your work in PDF format too. So, whenever you are in hurry and you have your presentation coming in a short time, use your iPad. Tap the screen or attach an external keyboard to work much easily.
The app costs $7.99 only.

WP7 App Review:The Onion 7

The Onion 7 is an unofficial release, which is developed by Crazy-Hot solution. Even though it's unofficial, this app still delivered loads of good contents to its readers.

  • Including video and radio news.
  • The application runs smoothly.
  • Random breaking news can be shown on the live tile.
  • The contents are well-organized.
  • Free.
  • Low quality videos and pictures. (Perhaps the developer does it on purpose because the content loading may be quicker.)
  • Video news need to reload again if switch the video news to full screen.

Android Apps of the Day: Bit Defender, The Impossible Game, Future Theme

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's Android apps of the day:

Bit Defender Mobile Security
Bit Defender security is a good and an improved security solution for the Android devices that uses the battery very little and provides you with excessive security functions.
Malware Scanner is also available within the app that depends totally on Cloud technology. Check every app as soon as it gets installed in your phone. Security Audit is an amazing feature in this app. This feature will let you know about the applications that have permissions to access your private data, sending text messages from your phone or connecting to the internet.
You can also view the log of all the important information and actions that Bit Defender has taken in your phone. The app is fully optimized. The app can scan roughly 100 apps in just 30 seconds
Get this app for free. You will like it.
The Impossible Game
Let us introduce you to the one of the most addictive games. The rating is high. The popularity is increasing and the fun is non-stop.
There is just one control available. Tap your screen to jump. Guide the orange square to pass through different spikes. Make your square jump on to the blocks to clear the level. A little mistake can bring instant death and you’ll have to try again from the start of the level.
Practice mode is also available. Practice and play at your best to unlock the medals. Stats page lets you know about your progress that you have made in a level. With very much cool soundtrack in the background, you will find yourself deep involved in the game within no time. And if you don’t believe on our words, install it to try yourself.
The Impossible Game costs $0.97.
Future Theme Go Launcher EX
This is the theme that you will definitely want to have in your phone. The icons are beautiful. The wallpaper is amazing. Shortly, overall theme-look is fabulous. The app is developed and designed by Go Launcher Dev Team and it’s a big success.
There are almost 60 different and smart icons available within the theme and this theme also gives you special app drawer looks. You can also get different widgets from the Go Launcher like if you want to get the weather and clock widgets, you can have it when you will install Go Weather. There are other widgets available in the Android Market so if you want one, you can search it in the Android Market.
Go to Menu and in preferences, select ‘theme preferences’ to apply the theme. Go to preferences and tap ‘App Drawer Settings’ and than ‘Icon Transition’ to apply the transitions in the app drawer.
The app gives a great and beautiful look to your phone. It costs $1.99 to download Future Theme. But it’s far more less than what you will get after cashing in.

WP7 music player app for Android

Checks out the hands-on video of WP7 music player app for Android:


Photo Editor Pro: BlackBerry App Review

photo pro blackberry app
Nowadays people like to carry a Photo editor in their cellphone so that they don’t need to come back to their PC for short edits. Blackberry users haven’t got that much of options when it comes to Photo editors. We got Photo editor Pro for our Blackberry and decided to test it so here’s a short review of it.

Photo Editor Pro looked very decent and was very simple to use. The User Interface of the app was not at all difficult to deal with. We got into it nicely and started editing our photos in minutes.

With the help of this, you can crop and rotate your images very easily. There are four types of tools in the app which lets you to do some basic edits
  • Resize – Resizing Images was not that difficult
  • Rotate – As we said you can also rotate yourfyo pictures
  • Flip – You can also Flip your photos; both horizontally and vertically
  • Crop – For Cropping your Photos
Well that’s not it, Editor also allows you to change the brightness and the contrast of the Image. You can also check the white balance of the photo and adjust it too. You also get 6 different kinds of color filters in the app.

The thing which we loved about this app, were its advanced filters. You can sharpen the image as well as make your image blur using these advanced filters. The thing which really got our eyes was Progressive Black and White Filter. This really gave our image a real kind of taste.

We were happy to see that there are creators for Blackberry App World Too. This is really good editor. It’s worth a buy. Give it a try. Get the app from HERE.

iPhone Apps of the Day: FilMic Pro, FileApp Pro, Sixth Seal

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's iPhone apps of the day:

FilMic Pro
It’s the best film making app available for iPhone 4. This app takes the resolution, HD capabilities to a new height that you have never seen before. This app lets you take the control of you camera in your hands so that you can customize it according to your will.
The app is designed by filmmakers and it will provide you the best cinematography experience. With its cool UI, the app is making its name in the App store. The control bar gives you a full grip on all the camera controls. Get a full control on your shots by using focus and exposure modes.
Double reticle mode provides you two reticles that you can use to adjust spot sampling focus and exposure.
Single reticle mode provides you single reticle that you can use for both focus and exposure.
Full frame mode provides you sampling focus and exposure from entire frame.
You can even adjust the frame rate (1-25) according to your desire. Framing guide overlays are also available. You can also introduce the color bars for post production. Once the video is completed, you can upload it on YouTube, DropBox, Facebook, Vimeo, or FTP server.
The app costs $2.99 only. Download and let yourself experience the best video editing app’s features.
FileApp Pro
This is one of the most useful apps for your phones. It is a must-have app for you. With its easy-to-use interface, you can easily move, copy, rename or read your files. You can select multiple files/folders at a time to copy or move them or email them to the ones you want. Create a folder or edit a (.txt) file.
The app can quickly read Image files(PNG, GIF, JPG and more), PDF files, MS Office files(PowerPoint, Word, Excel), text files, audio files( mp3, AAC, WAV and more), video files( H.264 and MPEG-4), HTML files, ZIP files, iWork and open documents.
Search any file easily. You can also delete multiple files at a time. Transfer files to the PC by using iTunes file sharing. Large images compatibility is also available and it also let you watch your images in a slideshow. You can even view your email attachments. Easily open the recent documents that by using “latest opened Documents” tab. Shortly this is the best file manager for your iPhone. So don’t miss this app.
The app has many features but you just have to pay $0.99 to get it.
Sixth Seal
This is one of the most addictive games available for your iPhone. You are the one who can save the world from the demonic creatures. Defeat the demon emperor and master all the six elements. Sixth Seal has got most thrilling actions and you will have a gaming-experience that you always desired of.
There are 20 campaign maps available with 3 difficulty levels. The graphics and sound are amazing. Give your best and earn different rewards. Play with your friends to let them know who the real player is. You can even challenge those who are at the lead. Try to draw the symbols correctly and use the frost spells to reduce the monster’s speed. Air spells will help you to throw those creatures away from you. Do not try to rush but think and give time for spell gestures.
An update in the near future will bring a lot more with it. Don’t let this game slip from your hands. You will definitely have the best gaming experience with Sixth Seal. Play this cool fantasy-action game by using awesome gesture-based controls.
The app is available for download at the cost of $0.99 only.

Android Apps of the Day: Cartoon Network, TrueCaller, Chess Chess

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's Android apps of the day:

Cartoon Network Video
Do you love Cartoon Network? If so, here’s an app for you. You will be able to know about the schedule of Cartoon Network shows thus making it easy to watch your favorite ones on time. Moreover, there is a library that contains a huge collection of videos. You don’t need to go online to look for your favorite videos and clips. You can easily watch the full episodes of your favorite Cartoon Network shows.
The app is available for all Android users having Android 2.1 or higher. The app is really cool and it will let you get instant access to the world of CN. If you love to watch cartoon shows, this app is recommended to you. The app is free to download. Try it!
TrueCaller-Free Caller ID
This app is getting popular because of its unique features. The app engages itself whenever you receive a call. You can also search the information-on-the-net of any number you want. Just type the number and TrueCaller will let you know about the owner’s name, country and even address.
The app also has integration with the world’s largest social network Facebook. You’ll also be able to see the picture of that number’s owner and most recent status updates from him/her. The app will also help you to make a spam-callers list and TrueCaller will flag them. Remember, in order to use these features, 3G or Wi-Fi is required. Enhanced search feature is available that will let you know about the details of unlisted phone numbers and prepaid cards as well.
The app is free. So, give it a try.
Chess Chess
This is one of the best chess games available for your phone. You can choose to play against computer or there’s a 2-players mode available so that you can challenge your friends. When playing in 1-player mode, there are various levels that you have to complete and each level is more difficult than the previous one.
The game is accompanied by great sound effects. It’s graphics and sound makes it more worthy. You can also undo or redo. Let’s see how well you can use your mind to defeat your opponent at level 5.
With all these features, Chess Chess is still free. Download it today!

Stormy7 App for Windows Phone 7

With this amazing app storm 7, you can experience the most natural storm experience on your windows phone 7. Check out the below video to know more about the app:

Download the app for $0.99 from zune.

iPhone App Review: myCamera Overlays+

mycamera overlays iPhone app
Photo editing apps are still hot as they were. Lot of photo editors are available in the App Store which gives you various sorts of editing options for editing your photo. How about adding overlays to your Photograph? Well this is a not a new name in the App Store, you might have got it in your iPhone or iPod. This is myCamera Overlays+.

Overlays+ has got an update and this time it has got an Opacity Meter. You can adjust the Opacity of the overlay with the slider. The setting gets saved, so you don’t need to change the opacity from time-to-time. Most of the existing users will feel happy about this new feature in this app. You have got a big library of overlays as this app has got 62 overlays overall and this update brings you 16 brand new overlays which look pretty decent. Well it’s about your choice, we can’t say much from here.

Now it will be easy to share your images on the social network after editing it. A social network button has been added in the app. You can share your photos on Facebook and Twitter from the app only. No need to open up your browser or any other app.

Some other updates include: Added Emojis in alert messages, your device will vibrate when you save the photo and some minor bugs have also been fixed in this update.

The disappointing thing about this app is that it still leaves a watermark on your photos. We didn’t like this thing.

But on an overall note app gave good experience with some really nice overlays. You can grab it from the iTunes.

Android Apps of the Day: Dart Ninja, VLC Direct Pro, FreeMusic

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's Android apps of the day:

Dart Ninja
Let your fingers act as your weapons and make your way to success by completing the 50 amazing levels. The game is highly addictive and puzzles are not really a child’s play. Ninja Darts are a big hurdle in your way that will try their best to stop you. Be aware of them.
  • The game works for all Android versions.
  • Awards gallery also available that will let you know about the awards and achievements you have earned.
  • Ninja Darts will not remain the same but they will be much harder to defeat as you advance to the next level
  • Many great bonuses are available that you can earn.
  • More levels are coming in the near future.
Dart Ninja is free to download.
VLC Direct Pro
You should have used VLC media player in your computers. Let yourself experience it in your phones too. Now, you don’t need to worry about the file transfers. Just Stream and play the videos anytime you want, anywhere you want.
  • All features like play, stop, full screen, volume, playlist, browse files etc are available.
  • You can also view the subtitles with the help of recent addition of .srt files support feature.
  • Another amazing feature is that you don’t have to worry about the storage of your files. Whether your files are stored in your computer or in Android, this app will stream the videos when it will be necessary.
  • No ads will disturb you and you will not face any playback limits.
The app is really cool and has an easy-to-use interface. You don’t have to pay more than you will get. The app costs $2.86 only. Download now!
Yes! The music is free
With the help of this app, you can download as much of the mp3 music as you want (definitely depending upon the storage size of your memory). All you have to do is to download this app to get free music.
  • This app contains a huge collection of music. You should check it out.
  • You can even create your own ringtone from any mp3 song
  • Album cover is shown while playing the music.
Well, you can search the music for Free, you can play the music for free and you can download this app For FREE

iOS Apps of the Day: Pizza Hut HD, Perfect Reader, YouSpin 360°

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's iPhone apps of the day:

Pizza Hut HD
Pizza Hut app is finally available for the U.S residents. Order your pizza in a unique and a different way. Enjoy eating the pizza and ordering it. Just tap your phone’s screen and you are ready to order. If you are a guest, you don’t need to sign in but you can still order your favorites.
  • Complete menu of Pizza Hut available with in the app.
  • A separate portion of most popular items lets you choose quickly and easily
  • Newest deals can be checked in the Special section.
  • It got Simple and smooth UI.
  • The app is highly customizable. Placing an order was never so much fun.
  • Choose the way you want to interact.
  • Orders will be saved in your accounts so that it will be easy for you to re-order in the future.
Pay for the Pizza but not for the app. It’s free.
Perfect Reader
Having a PDF Reader in your iPad makes your work simpler in some way. If you want to read magazines or any newspaper or want to read eBooks, you should download the best PDF Reader available for you.
  • You can open the PDF files from other applications like DropBox, Safari etc.
  • Zoom-in feature available.
  • You can search and your search results will be highlighted.
  • Feel the effects of page-turning just like a real book.
  • Listen the word by using text-to-speech support (English only).
  • You can also read the PDF files in 33 other languages with the help of Dictionary support. But you need to have an internet connection to use this feature.
  • App is highly optimized.
  • Bookshelf available that will help you in locating and arranging your PDF files in an easy and organized way.
  • You can even create folders for your PDF files.
  • The interface is very user-friendly. Download this app once to read your PDF files and you will not like to lose it in the future.
Perfect Reader is free to download. So, feel free to download the best PDF Reader app for your iPad. The Pro version is available with a discount of 40% for few days. Don’t miss this chance.
YouSpin 360°
Do you want to know how will you look like in 360°? Or do you want to see your friend or anyone in 360 degrees? Well, do it with fun and ease with the help of YouSpin 360° app. Amazing! Isn’t it?
  • Integration with social network is also available. Spin the picture in 360°. And than share it on your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc to let the people know how cool app you have in your phone
  • This app is available for iPhone
  • You can also email your pictures directly to your friends.
  • You can create 360° of a picture in less than 30 seconds
  • Choose the grid mode and you will have the options to create 360° in either vertical mode or landscape mode. 
  • Via 3Dme, you can easily embed your 360°s and you don’t even have to pay a penny for it.
  • There is a library available within the app that will let you store your 360°s easily.
YouSpin360° is available for free to download. Let yourself experience the 360°. Download this app now.

LG Optimus 2X Best HD Games

LG Optimus 2X has a great dual core processor. Check out the some of the best games for your Optimus 2X:

Reckless Racing
When you have your LG Optimus 2X in your hand and you want to race on your mobile, you should try this game. Make your way to win by taking over all of your opponents. This game has got the best graphics and Optimus 2X is capable of handling it.
Drive with passion and get a real like racing experience by having this in your phone. Have fun.
Experience the full 3D style game. It looks similar to Sonic but it’s different due to its unique features and advanced characteristics. You have to jump, collect some knick-knacks etc. The game play is simple but the execution is fantastic and you’ll get involved in it for hours.
Cordy has many thrilling updates on the way and we hope that the company will make a bright earning by this game. So, install it and get ready to enter into the mechanical planet to solve exciting puzzles in attractive environments.
Pew Pew 2
This game will take you back in the past when some of you used to play Tempest, Battlezone etc. But this game is created for Optimus 2X and it has got some advancement (for sure) and a past touch. This game includes 7 different game modes. Shoot and destroy the enemy shapes coming towards you from all the directions. You also have to collect, rather than destroy, in some cases, by dodging your enemy. In other mode, you have to destroy specific color shapes. The game has high quality graphics but that doesn’t disturb the Optimus 2X which is created with dual core processor.
Asphalt 6
Get fantastic racing experience by playing one of the best racing games available for your Optimus 2X. The game is not easy to play but you can possibly understand it easily. This is a pure-fantasy game. The controls are awesome as well. You just have to tilt your handset to handle your car. Other controls like acceleration, brakes are also simple to use.
Shortly, enter into the Asphalt 6 world to have a thrilling ride for a win. You used to like such times of games when you were a kid but it’s available for your phone now and you’ll like to play it.

Dungeon Defenders
Now you can install one of the best role playing game in your Optimus 2X. Think to use your power efficiently to defeat the enemies and defend your castle. Every advanced level is difficult and you can upgrade your equipments and abilities.
The game has unreal powered graphics. It has multi things going on at the same time and it requires a large amount of data to run properly but overall, it’s amazing. Dungeon Defenders has become popular on dual core processor android phones like Optimus 2X.

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