10 Must-have Apps for your Android mobile

Check out the10 Must-have Android apps for your mobile:

Now you dont have to go out of your house and search a place where you can eat, shop etc. Try this app. You can search from about 18 categories. The interface is good and using this app is simple. This app also supports text searches like if you want to search a sports shop near you, just write sports shop in the search and it will display the nearest sports shop like Nike etc.
This app will display the locations through lists in which the nearest location is placed at first, or it will use the Google Map that shows the locations in the form of pins. This app is free to use.
This app is the best photo editor app available for your phone. It supports contrast, distortion, exposure etc. Pro version is also available in which there are more options, effects and you can really edit your photos in much better way. Picsay has dominated over Photoshop Mobile due to its impressive and powerful tools. You can also upload your pictures on your favorite social network like Facebook, Twitter etc with the help of Picsay.
Your favorite social network is at your finger tips now. Tap your screen to check your news feed, notifications etc.
The interface is quite simple. Chat and messaging features are also available to you in this app. The android users can take their picture and upload it directly to Facebook. This app is free.
The world’s largest search engine is just an install away from you. It has even more advancement like supporting voice search etc. Whether you say “coffee” or “men in Black” this awesome app will translate your words and search them for you. This app is optimized for android users and it supports quick search to.
This app can be called as the best Twitter app available for android users. You can preview images and retweet as this app has got a simple and cool interface. You can also check your background notifications. All of these things are available for free but if you buy the pro version, you can use multi-accounts, desktop widgets etc.
The best security for android users is available now. This is a fantastic application and has become so much popular in a very short time. If your handset is stolen or someone tries to insert a new sim card in it, the phone will be locked. You have to save a number as a “buddy” in this app so that a text message is will be sent to “buddy” and later you can try the GPS to track your mobile phone. And when you get your phone back, you can restore your data from the Wavesecure website. Amazing. Isn’t it?
Another amazing application for android users, which changes your profile automatically according to your need using your phone’s GPS. If you are in a meeting, the phone will automatically get in silent mode and when you are at home, it will turn the silent mode off. This app is highly customizable. Try it.
If you want to call on an international number, use this app. It will assign you a local number of that country and you will be charged according to the local call rates. It will also charge a small amount depending on the country.
Barcode Scanner:
Your phone can also act as a barcode scanner. If you have this app installed, get the camera in front of your code and make sure it fits into the rectangle. Once the code is recognized, you’ll get the info about the product.
You are listening to a song and you think it sounds good. But you don’t know any detail of it. Well that is not a problem now. Because this app will help you know about that song. Bring the phone close to the music and tap the screen and after 40 seconds, it will give you the complete information about that song.

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