5 More Education Apps for Android Phones

If you want to have self improvement or want to increase your knowledge and if you are an Android user, than we are here to help you. Here are the list of the best education apps for you that you will surely find interesting:

Map Master
Test your knowledge about the countries with the help of this educational game. Point out the state capitals and famous places of countries around the world. Increase your geographical knowledge by having fun. There are almost 350 places that may be asked from you. You have to face 8 challenges.
Complete your challenges and let yourself know how much geographical knowledge your have. Try!

Talking about the education apps, Kindle is worth mentioning here. No doubt, it’s the best ebook reader app available for your phone. Over 900,000 Kindle books are available and thousands of them are available for free. That also includes the books like Adventures of Sherlock Holmes etc.
You can also get access to the best sellers. Over 550,000 books cost $9.99 or even less than that. The reading experience that you will get with this app will be just wonderful and you will find that this is a must have app for you. You can even change the text size and adjust it according to your will.
Don’t wait to download this wonderful app. Download Now!
Whether you are a student or a professional, this app can help you. Get your classes of vocab training in your phone.You can choose from 17 different languages that you want to know. Know about the other language in a different and unique way. Answer the quizzes as fast as you can. Beat your own time or play for online quiz sessions from all over the world.
  • Languages are Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Greek, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Irish, Spanish, Swedish, Slovak and German.
  • Lots of vocabulary of each language
  • Simple to use
  • Best way to improve your vocab
  • Answer correctly, with in as less time as possible and let yourself get up in the rankings of the leaderboard. You can also keep track of your performance.
So, now you don’t need to worry about training related to improve your language skills. CueBrain is the best solution.The app has got simple UI but a lot of interesting features. We can call it a must-have app for the person who likes to travel around.
The app is available free for download. So, if you want to travel any country where these languages are used, you should take out your phone to learn some stuff.

Algebra Tutor
Learn algebra in a unique and easy way with the help of Algebra Tutor
Write an equation and this app will provide you step by step solutions that will let you know where you made a mistake in your calculation. You can name polynomials by degree and terms, factorize quadratic equations, add, multiply and subtract fractions and a lot more.
There are 10 math lessons in this app and almost 13 practice topics. Improve your skills regarding algebra evaluation in a different way.
There are over 250,000 downloads of this app and it’s available for free.
If you want to have the easiest way to find out some facts about the celestial bodies in our solar system, you should install this app.
After its installation, you will be informed about the basics of this app. After that, the whole solar system will appear in front of you. Point out on any celestial body and you will get to know about some facts of it. When you get close to any planet, a pop-up window will appear with the planet’s name. Select the one you want and get more information about that.
There is another amazing thing about this app and that is you can find the location of any celestial body, on any given time of any day. It will be a wonderful gift for the ones who want to catch the full moon.
The app has got a simple UI and amazing 3D graphics. The app has got much popularity in just a few weeks and it’s worth downloading.

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