7 More Interesting iPhone Apps for Music Lovers

As the time moves on, the trends and technologies change and so do the apps. The apps that are given below are the best for interacting and listening music. Apps like spotify are not mentioned here because we are about to discuss the new entries.

If you use dropbox to upload your music files, this app is definitely useful for you. This app turns DropBox into a cloud music service. In more simple words, you can stream music from your DropBox account. This app is really amazing for the music lovers. You don’t have to worry about the free space in your phone. You can listen to your favorite music by just starting this app and selecting your favorite track from your DropBox’s account.
Having integration with Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter, this app lets you share the details of the song that you are listening, including comments and photos. The other people who are using this app will be able to listen a 30 seconds sample courtesy of iTunes. Isn’t it amazing?
Now you can earn points by recommending this app to your friends. You can spend those points later on listening to ad-free radio stations. This app is available to only U.S citizens right now but we are expecting more for the future. This app can also be called as the “multi-user internet radio station”. Now have more fun listening to the radio.
iHeartradio for iPhone:
This app was first introduced for iPhone and it became very popular as the people really liked it. After millions of downloads for iPhone and other smartphones, this app is now available for iPads. You can listen to 750 U.S. radio stations through this app. You can also see the related tweets streaming at the same time in the app.
This app lets you know about the bands and artists that are broadly similar by plotting connections between them. What you have to do is to type a name of the artist you want, first tap will let you know of the related bands and double tapping will let you know about the blogposts videos and biographies.
Decoded By Jay-Z:
This app is available for iPhone and iPad and is based on a book containing Jay-Z‘s lyrics. If you pay $4.99, you will be able to get 10 out of 36 featured songs but if you will pay $9.99, you will be able to unlock all the 36 featured songs. It doesn’t contain the actual music but only lyrics. However, if you have a song in your phone, they can be played in sync with the words
Kling Klang Machine:
Also named as 24-hour music generator, you can browse music map of the world that you’ll find divided into time zones and you can also mix Kraftework loops and samples together.
This app is really innovative and is created by Techno pioneers Kraftwerk. We can say after watching this app that they can create some other great apps.

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