Android Apps of the Day: Bit Defender, The Impossible Game, Future Theme

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Bit Defender Mobile Security
Bit Defender security is a good and an improved security solution for the Android devices that uses the battery very little and provides you with excessive security functions.
Malware Scanner is also available within the app that depends totally on Cloud technology. Check every app as soon as it gets installed in your phone. Security Audit is an amazing feature in this app. This feature will let you know about the applications that have permissions to access your private data, sending text messages from your phone or connecting to the internet.
You can also view the log of all the important information and actions that Bit Defender has taken in your phone. The app is fully optimized. The app can scan roughly 100 apps in just 30 seconds
Get this app for free. You will like it.
The Impossible Game
Let us introduce you to the one of the most addictive games. The rating is high. The popularity is increasing and the fun is non-stop.
There is just one control available. Tap your screen to jump. Guide the orange square to pass through different spikes. Make your square jump on to the blocks to clear the level. A little mistake can bring instant death and you’ll have to try again from the start of the level.
Practice mode is also available. Practice and play at your best to unlock the medals. Stats page lets you know about your progress that you have made in a level. With very much cool soundtrack in the background, you will find yourself deep involved in the game within no time. And if you don’t believe on our words, install it to try yourself.
The Impossible Game costs $0.97.
Future Theme Go Launcher EX
This is the theme that you will definitely want to have in your phone. The icons are beautiful. The wallpaper is amazing. Shortly, overall theme-look is fabulous. The app is developed and designed by Go Launcher Dev Team and it’s a big success.
There are almost 60 different and smart icons available within the theme and this theme also gives you special app drawer looks. You can also get different widgets from the Go Launcher like if you want to get the weather and clock widgets, you can have it when you will install Go Weather. There are other widgets available in the Android Market so if you want one, you can search it in the Android Market.
Go to Menu and in preferences, select ‘theme preferences’ to apply the theme. Go to preferences and tap ‘App Drawer Settings’ and than ‘Icon Transition’ to apply the transitions in the app drawer.
The app gives a great and beautiful look to your phone. It costs $1.99 to download Future Theme. But it’s far more less than what you will get after cashing in.

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