Android Apps of the Day: Cartoon Network, TrueCaller, Chess Chess

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Cartoon Network Video
Do you love Cartoon Network? If so, here’s an app for you. You will be able to know about the schedule of Cartoon Network shows thus making it easy to watch your favorite ones on time. Moreover, there is a library that contains a huge collection of videos. You don’t need to go online to look for your favorite videos and clips. You can easily watch the full episodes of your favorite Cartoon Network shows.
The app is available for all Android users having Android 2.1 or higher. The app is really cool and it will let you get instant access to the world of CN. If you love to watch cartoon shows, this app is recommended to you. The app is free to download. Try it!
TrueCaller-Free Caller ID
This app is getting popular because of its unique features. The app engages itself whenever you receive a call. You can also search the information-on-the-net of any number you want. Just type the number and TrueCaller will let you know about the owner’s name, country and even address.
The app also has integration with the world’s largest social network Facebook. You’ll also be able to see the picture of that number’s owner and most recent status updates from him/her. The app will also help you to make a spam-callers list and TrueCaller will flag them. Remember, in order to use these features, 3G or Wi-Fi is required. Enhanced search feature is available that will let you know about the details of unlisted phone numbers and prepaid cards as well.
The app is free. So, give it a try.
Chess Chess
This is one of the best chess games available for your phone. You can choose to play against computer or there’s a 2-players mode available so that you can challenge your friends. When playing in 1-player mode, there are various levels that you have to complete and each level is more difficult than the previous one.
The game is accompanied by great sound effects. It’s graphics and sound makes it more worthy. You can also undo or redo. Let’s see how well you can use your mind to defeat your opponent at level 5.
With all these features, Chess Chess is still free. Download it today!

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