Android Apps of the Day: Contacts 3, Ghosttown, Beautiful Widgets Lite

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Contacts 3
Contacts 3 is one of the very useful apps for your Android phone. It works for Android 1.5 or higher. With this app, you can easily manage your contact information. It supports Tabbed Browsing that allows you to view contact list, notes and contact information in different tabs. The app has three eye-catching color themes that are available in Pink and Blue and Green.
You may not want to share sensitive information of your contact database on the internet due to insecurity problems. But if you have this app installed in your phone, you can definitely protect it by locking the notes that you have for your contacts. When you have done the locking, you can later view it from your phone only.
Many people have liked it so much and you can still get it for free.
No, it’s not a ghost-hunting game but it’s an app that can be called as the “Best Music App” for Android users. Stream music and listen it as much as you want to.
This app gets the music from YouTube and entertains you with the best music service available for your phone. Just provide the search with an artist name. The albums of the related artists will appear on the window. Select the song that you want to listen and select it for streaming. You can also add the songs to your favorite ones. If you have multiple songs that you want to listen, you can select it and add it in the Playlists so that you can listen it easily. Once you have made the playlist, you can also share your playlist with your friends.
You can get the full version of this app for Free but if you don’t like advertisements, you have to pay $0.99. You can enjoy as both versions are same except having the advertisement problems.
Beautiful Widgets Lite
Beautiful Widgets Lite is a set of amazing and wonderful widgets that you want to have in your phone. Do you want to know about the time and weather forecasts? You can get the Time and Weather Forecast widget from the app. In which phase the moon is right now, you will get to know about it. The app is highly customizable.
If you are bored with the old version of these skins, you can get the new in the future. One thing to be noted here is that the installation of this app is also very easy. You can also toggle the widgets like Wi-Fi, plane mode, rotate etc. Customize in the best way to configure your widgets.
So, don’t wait anymore. Just download this app for free and use the widgets that you always wanted to use in your phone.

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