Android Apps of the Day: Debt Payoff Planner, Finger Board, BatteryGuard

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Debt Payoff Planner
This is one of the best debt reduction apps available in the market. This app will give you multiple strategies that will help you by letting you know that which loan you have to payoff first and the time it will take to be debt free. When you have paid the pending payments, you can mark them as “paid”.
The app uses the method known as Snowball to find the best debt payoff plan for you. So now, you don’t have to write everything on a notepad to remember what you have to do in the next days. Just install this app and you will find it as the best solution for your problem
The app costs $0.99 only. There is a lite version of this app that is available for free.
Finger Board
Do you like skateboarding? You can do that now with the help of your fingers. Place both of your fingers on the circles that are shown on the skateboard to begin. Grind rails and dodge the objects to hit the high scores. Move your index finger to perform some amazing tricks. This is a 2D game and you will find it addictive.
The game is very simple to play but it’s not easy to perform the tricks. It has a friendly user interface and good looking graphics. You can also turn the sound off if you want to. The latest version is 1.1.4 and it works for Android 2.2 or higher.
The app is free and you don’t have to pay a penny to try this one. Start Finger-boarding now.
This can be called as a must-have app for all the Android users. It’s the simplest and easiest way to improve your battery time. There are some applications and tasks that you don’t use and they continue running on your phone and you don’t even know about them. When you install BatteryGuard, it will automatically manage such problems. You can free up your system resources and you will realize that your Android phone is on for more time than it was before BatteryGuard.
The app is liked by many Android users. The app helps you in improving your battery time by a great extent. It has worked for almost all the customers. But still, they don’t charge you a penny for its download. Yes! You can download it for free. Check this app by yourself.

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