Android Apps of the Day: Pumpkins vs. Monsters, TalkBox , Space Jump

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Pumpkins vs. Monsters:
This is a beautiful game for Android phones. The darkness has come to dominate. The creatures are coming and the human homes will no longer be safe. They would have invaded all human homes if Super Pumpkins were not there. Protect the humans and their homes by destroying and punishing these monsters in this game.
The game is unique and is addictive. So, massage your fingers before playing as this game will get you involved in it for hours. Let’s see how well you play?
  • The control of the game is simple and you can easily attack your enemies
  • You can get hours of fun
  • 45 levels are available in a story mode.
  • Whole game is a mixture of action and defense.
  • There are six unique and different attributes of the heroes.
  • The game is getting popular and it’s free to download.
Well, this must be the app that everyone wants to have in one’s mobile. Get rid of typing a message by tapping your screens. Install this app and just talk to write a message and this app will do the typing for you. With the help of this amazing future, you can type a message in the fastest possible way. Isn’t it cool?
App has got the simple UI and integration with your favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Let your friends hear what you say.
  • The application has got so much in it. If you have Android iOS friends, you can have a groupchat with them too. One more thing that may look interesting to you is that you can sync your app’s friend list with that of Facebook friend list. With their FB account, you can easily chat with them.
  • The application is, no doubt, very cool and It is Free.
Jump and jump and make your way to get to the top. Warning! This game is addictive so be careful. In this game, avoid the fireballs and aliens and rise high as much as you can. Tap your screen to shoot your enemies down but one thing to remember is that you don’t have to destroy each of them as some of them will be used by you to move up by simply jumping on them
  • The controls are really simple and easy. Just tilt the screen left or right to move your man left or right respectively. Tap you phone’s screen to shoot.
  • You can also turn the sounds on/off anytime you want.
  • The game has got an attractive and beautiful graphics that makes this game worth playing.
  • Jump on the head of monsters to bring them down or to rise yourself high.
  • Kill the monsters, aliens and destroy fireballs to remove them from the way of your destination.
  • One of the best jumping games available in the Android market
  • It’s addictive, it has got cool graphics, What’s more? It’s available as free download in the market.

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