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This app is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This app is very helpful for the students who deal with graphs in their everyday life. The app will help you draw your toughest equations on the Cartesian plane. It was never so easy.
This is the first version of this application. More and more updates are on their way. The constants like “pi and e” are automatically inserted. You can also customize the graphic aspect ratio of the graph. iGraph has made the graph plotting so easy. The app has very simple user interface. It’s also not a heavy app. The graphics of the app are wonderful, too.
The app’s original price is $0.99 only but you can get it on lower rates. How? As this is the new release. The app is available for $0.79 only for the first week. So save $0.20 and download this app now.
Electro Chuck
The classic game in new style is now available for your iPhone and iOS. Your phone will become a steering wheel if you tilt it. So, tilt it to go further without touching the electric line. Tap behind the chuck to stretch me. Beware! There are enemies on the way. Try to get bonuses specially the multiplier bonus that will help you in scoring higher and higher as fast as possible. Stay at the center of that electric line to earn more points. The electric line can give a shock to chuck. So, try to stay away from it.
The game is too much fun and you are going to like it for sure. The beautifully designed graphics increases the value of this game. The game has very simple controls but passing each level is not so simple. There are 10 levels of one world in the game. If you want to get to the next world, you have to gather 30 stars to unlock it. Moreover, there are other achievements that you have to unlock and unlocking them is not easy.
The game costs $1.99 so grab it and get addicted to it.
Sideways Racing
If you think that you are about to begin a casual Sunday drive in this game. The ride is wild and the game is superb. It’s available for iPad.
You can choose from the three game modes that are: League, Knockout and Time Trial. In the league mode, the sideways racing league is on the go. Race and top the leaderboard to get to the next level. In the knockout mode you have to race all the tracks and you have to win them too, the one in the last will lose the race. Are you the one? Or are you going to survive till the end? In the time trial mode, there’s a competition between you and the time. Just beat the time up and show that you are the fastest racer in this game. There are different levels for time trial but you can unlock it only by winning the league races.
There can be a maximum of 10 cars at once on the track. The control of the game is very much easy. You can use swiping or left and right buttons to steer the car. There are nine full race tracks, 1 training track and credits track. The graphics are very much good and smooth. You can also use the nitro-boost to race quickly towards finish.
The game costs $1.99 but this is a limited-time offer. You can download it at this cost until 1st June. So, don’t be late. Get this app as soon as possible.

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