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King Camera
This app is really good for the beginners. With over 45 looks for photos, the app will really make your photo worth-watching.
You can create your own photo looks. Using ready made photo effects is an old way to edit. With the photo backup feature, you can easily recover your photo. You can easily make a color border on your photo now. Just tap anywhere on the photo to get a perfect border around it. There are 19 thematic frames including grunge, damaged film, postcard etc that will impress you. In addition to it, you can also choose from about 16 beautiful photo textures including light leaks, stains etc.
With white balance adjustment, you can easily adjust the white balance of your photo. Increase or decrease exposure, contrast, shadows and highlights to give your picture an amazing look. You can also crop, flip or rotate the photo. The app also has integration with Facebook, Twitter etc so that you can share photos by just one tap with your friends. You can also upload the photos on the DropBox. King Camera is the best photo companion for you.
The regular price of this app is $2.99 but here’s good news for you. There is an official launch sale. The app will be available for 0.99$ only. And this offer is for a limited time. So, hurry up and grab the app as soon as you can.
With the help of this app, you can watch about 2500 channels on your phone. You can browse them by category. If you want to chat with other viewers, it is possible with this app.
There are some streams that are available in full HD quality. That will look good and crystal clear on your iPhone but if you have iPad or an iPad 2, the HD result will be amazing. You can also follow the streams that you like. Whatever you like, you can easily share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you have made a video that you think is amazing, you can broadcast that video as well.
There is an in-app purchase available for your phone known as “Mobile Theatre HD”. Purchase it and you will be able to watch the streams in 480p or 720p quality. All ads from your app will be removed. One thing to be noted is that all the streams are not available in HD quality. Before the upgrade, you were allowed to see only the first ten streams you followed but after that, you will be able to see all the streams you follow. also supports Airplay now so that you can watch all the streams from your Apple TV.
The app is not for free. But it costs you $0.99 to download it.
Sometimes you may forget to do some works even if they are in your To-do lists. But with the help of this app, you don’t have to worry about it. The app really helps you to remember the things that you usually forget.
Just save a To-Do reminder, select the location and on how close from the target you want to get notified about it and you are done. After it, whenever you will go to that location, a reminder will pop up that will remind you about your work.
You can also edit the To-Do by taping the blue arrow button. You will notice a slight distance of a pin from its exact location. This is because the GPS settings are not very accurate in order to save the battery life of your phone. Continued use of GPS in the background will really decrease the battery life.
You can get this app for free.

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