iOS Apps of the Day: Pizza Hut HD, Perfect Reader, YouSpin 360°

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Pizza Hut HD
Pizza Hut app is finally available for the U.S residents. Order your pizza in a unique and a different way. Enjoy eating the pizza and ordering it. Just tap your phone’s screen and you are ready to order. If you are a guest, you don’t need to sign in but you can still order your favorites.
  • Complete menu of Pizza Hut available with in the app.
  • A separate portion of most popular items lets you choose quickly and easily
  • Newest deals can be checked in the Special section.
  • It got Simple and smooth UI.
  • The app is highly customizable. Placing an order was never so much fun.
  • Choose the way you want to interact.
  • Orders will be saved in your accounts so that it will be easy for you to re-order in the future.
Pay for the Pizza but not for the app. It’s free.
Perfect Reader
Having a PDF Reader in your iPad makes your work simpler in some way. If you want to read magazines or any newspaper or want to read eBooks, you should download the best PDF Reader available for you.
  • You can open the PDF files from other applications like DropBox, Safari etc.
  • Zoom-in feature available.
  • You can search and your search results will be highlighted.
  • Feel the effects of page-turning just like a real book.
  • Listen the word by using text-to-speech support (English only).
  • You can also read the PDF files in 33 other languages with the help of Dictionary support. But you need to have an internet connection to use this feature.
  • App is highly optimized.
  • Bookshelf available that will help you in locating and arranging your PDF files in an easy and organized way.
  • You can even create folders for your PDF files.
  • The interface is very user-friendly. Download this app once to read your PDF files and you will not like to lose it in the future.
Perfect Reader is free to download. So, feel free to download the best PDF Reader app for your iPad. The Pro version is available with a discount of 40% for few days. Don’t miss this chance.
YouSpin 360°
Do you want to know how will you look like in 360°? Or do you want to see your friend or anyone in 360 degrees? Well, do it with fun and ease with the help of YouSpin 360° app. Amazing! Isn’t it?
  • Integration with social network is also available. Spin the picture in 360°. And than share it on your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc to let the people know how cool app you have in your phone
  • This app is available for iPhone
  • You can also email your pictures directly to your friends.
  • You can create 360° of a picture in less than 30 seconds
  • Choose the grid mode and you will have the options to create 360° in either vertical mode or landscape mode. 
  • Via 3Dme, you can easily embed your 360°s and you don’t even have to pay a penny for it.
  • There is a library available within the app that will let you store your 360°s easily.
YouSpin360° is available for free to download. Let yourself experience the 360°. Download this app now.

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