iOS Apps of the Day: Streets of Rage 3, ThinkBook, BudgetBook

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Streets of Rage 3:
After getting defeated by heroes of the game, Mr. X is back with a new plan. A plan that will let him take over the city. He is planning to build the army of the clones that will rule in the future. Now, it’s up to you. You have to find a way to get Mr. X again and tell him who has the real power. The whole city can now be saved by you. You have weapons available as well as some special moves. The game has got four unique endings and your style of playing the game will determine which one is for you.

The names of the four heroes are: Blaze, Axel, Dr. Zan and Skate. You can also play this game with a friend if he has a Bluetooth connection available. He will be in your side and than you both have to battle to end distractions that are set up by the syndicate. The game is highly addictive. It costs $2.99 only and when you’ll buy it, you’ll love it.
Now you can create notes, articles etc by tapping the screen of your iPad. If you are a professional, you can create minutes of a meeting, your to-do list etc. If you are a student, you can create your lecture notes or while looking on a topic, you have questions in your mind, you can write it using ThinkBook on your pad. It doesn’t matter in which phase of life you are, you still need to write and remember stuff and if you have this app in your iPad, things get a lot easier. The designers have tried to make it process faster as they have introduced a slider through which you can easily drags your notes, pages etc and easily copy and rearrange them in the way you like. This app also includes DropBox integration so that you can easily download files from the DropBox or upload some if you want to. It costs $1.99 only.
Now viewing and typing your finances and budget will not be boring for you as BudgetBook is available now. With this app, you can create as many budgets as you want. For example you can make budget for different categories like food budget, shopping budget etc. You can also add your transactions into multiple accounts. If you love to make a budget report for you, this is a must have app for you and if you don’t like to make one, install this app and you will find yourself making your own personal budget. It has a beautiful and simple interface that really attracts users.

You can schedule your budgets weekly or monthly. The categories you would like to create are highly customizable. You can even move your income and expenses between different accounts. The app costs just $2.99 but that’s not expensive specially when you are going to get such an application for your phone. Try this one. It’s good.

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