iOS Apps on Sale for Free: Nike+GPS, PhotoComic,Relievos

Check out the 3 iOS apps that are on sale:

Install this app and run and see how much progress have you made. Whenever a friend likes or comment on your run status, you will hear cheers.
This app uses the GPS efficiently and let you track every indoor and outdoor workout easily. You can record your pace and distance by using iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer technology. A voice feedback will be there to tell you about your progress. When you get the runs, get different messages from the top athletes.
You can also activate the powersongs that will help you energize yourself. If you have this app, you always will have the record of your progress in your pocket so that you can view it anytime.
NIKE+ is going to celebrate its 5th birthday. The app is, therefore, free but it’s for a limited time. Get this app. Hurry up!
PhotoComic for iPad
With the help of PhotoComic, you can create your own comic strip. Capture those moments that you want to never let go from your life and make a comic strip of them. You can even share them with your friends and others.
The app has very easy-to-use user interface. You can put various action words, add different layouts or fill with various bubbles to create an amazing and beautiful Photocomic. First thing that you will do is selecting a layout. After that, you will add photos to each frame. Each bubble body and tail is movable so adjust the PhotoComic as you like. You can customize every object. All you have to do is to double tap on it. The app has also integration with Facebook and Twitter so that you can share it with your friends easily. You can also email your creation to your friends and others if you want to.
The app is free. But it’s a limited time offer. We don’t know yet what charges you have to pay after this limited time. So, hurry and grab this app before you have to put some cash for its download.
This app is for iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd Generation, iOS4 or later. Relievos HD is also coming soon for iPad. Select a picture you like and turn it into a 3D image. Isn’t it amazing?
Just select an image. Move your finger on any area you want to pop out and then tilt your device to move the picture and look at the 3D image from different angles. If you have done a mistake, you can undo it by using multi-level undo feature, Zoom in and out by using two fingers pinch zoom. Once you are done and you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can upload it on these social networking websites and share it with your friends. One thing to be noted here is that this app supports JPEG files only. GIF and PNG files are also not supported.
Grab this app before the end of May because it’s free till then.

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