iOS Games of the Day: Glo Flo HD, Pocket Racing, StarFront: Collision HD

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's 3 iOS Games of the day:

Glo Flo HD
This is a unique type of puzzle game available for iOS. What you have to do is to connect worms with each other that look similar.
If you want to do work fast than try the Time Attack mode in which you can make longer lines that will give you more points. And if you want to solve each level with time and thinking, than you should solve 60+ puzzles that are available to you.
  • Online leaderboards are available. Earn points and go to the top to prove that you are master in it.
  • More than 60 puzzles
  • Time attack mode
  • Score your best to go on top on online leaderboard
The game costs $1.99. Get it and have fun.
Pocket Racing
You still remember when you used to play 2D racing games. You may like to play the one on your phones now.
Pocket Racing is available for iOS and iPhone and has earned name in the apps market. Race in a 2D mode with other opponents and defeat them to earn a victory. Leaderboard is also available that contains the record for the fastest times and the top scores. The game has a very simple UI but it’s not easy to master it.
Pocket Racing is available for free to download but if you want to get 6 more tracks and a custom car, an in-app upgrade is also available.
StarFront: Collision HD
Welcome to the planet Sinistral, where Consortium is trying to get all the Xenodium crystals but that’s not an easy thing to do as the Myriads are addicted to these crystals and they don’t want anyone to get away with it. Wardens are also helping them so that one left is you. Choose on which side you want to be and make a strategy to turn the tables in your favor.
The game is really good and real-time strategic. You would like to play it for hours. Multiplayer mode is also available so that you can enjoy your visit to planet Sinistral with your friends.
The game is available in an advanced version for iPad users, too. The interface is simple and stylish and let you access the controls easily. The game has still four player option available in multiplayer mode for iPad but you can really enjoy the feel of this game on iPad,
The game costs $6.99 only.

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