iPhone App Review: myCamera Overlays+

mycamera overlays iPhone app
Photo editing apps are still hot as they were. Lot of photo editors are available in the App Store which gives you various sorts of editing options for editing your photo. How about adding overlays to your Photograph? Well this is a not a new name in the App Store, you might have got it in your iPhone or iPod. This is myCamera Overlays+.

Overlays+ has got an update and this time it has got an Opacity Meter. You can adjust the Opacity of the overlay with the slider. The setting gets saved, so you don’t need to change the opacity from time-to-time. Most of the existing users will feel happy about this new feature in this app. You have got a big library of overlays as this app has got 62 overlays overall and this update brings you 16 brand new overlays which look pretty decent. Well it’s about your choice, we can’t say much from here.

Now it will be easy to share your images on the social network after editing it. A social network button has been added in the app. You can share your photos on Facebook and Twitter from the app only. No need to open up your browser or any other app.

Some other updates include: Added Emojis in alert messages, your device will vibrate when you save the photo and some minor bugs have also been fixed in this update.

The disappointing thing about this app is that it still leaves a watermark on your photos. We didn’t like this thing.

But on an overall note app gave good experience with some really nice overlays. You can grab it from the iTunes.

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