iPhone Apps of the Day: FilMic Pro, FileApp Pro, Sixth Seal

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FilMic Pro
It’s the best film making app available for iPhone 4. This app takes the resolution, HD capabilities to a new height that you have never seen before. This app lets you take the control of you camera in your hands so that you can customize it according to your will.
The app is designed by filmmakers and it will provide you the best cinematography experience. With its cool UI, the app is making its name in the App store. The control bar gives you a full grip on all the camera controls. Get a full control on your shots by using focus and exposure modes.
Double reticle mode provides you two reticles that you can use to adjust spot sampling focus and exposure.
Single reticle mode provides you single reticle that you can use for both focus and exposure.
Full frame mode provides you sampling focus and exposure from entire frame.
You can even adjust the frame rate (1-25) according to your desire. Framing guide overlays are also available. You can also introduce the color bars for post production. Once the video is completed, you can upload it on YouTube, DropBox, Facebook, Vimeo, or FTP server.
The app costs $2.99 only. Download and let yourself experience the best video editing app’s features.
FileApp Pro
This is one of the most useful apps for your phones. It is a must-have app for you. With its easy-to-use interface, you can easily move, copy, rename or read your files. You can select multiple files/folders at a time to copy or move them or email them to the ones you want. Create a folder or edit a (.txt) file.
The app can quickly read Image files(PNG, GIF, JPG and more), PDF files, MS Office files(PowerPoint, Word, Excel), text files, audio files( mp3, AAC, WAV and more), video files( H.264 and MPEG-4), HTML files, ZIP files, iWork and open documents.
Search any file easily. You can also delete multiple files at a time. Transfer files to the PC by using iTunes file sharing. Large images compatibility is also available and it also let you watch your images in a slideshow. You can even view your email attachments. Easily open the recent documents that by using “latest opened Documents” tab. Shortly this is the best file manager for your iPhone. So don’t miss this app.
The app has many features but you just have to pay $0.99 to get it.
Sixth Seal
This is one of the most addictive games available for your iPhone. You are the one who can save the world from the demonic creatures. Defeat the demon emperor and master all the six elements. Sixth Seal has got most thrilling actions and you will have a gaming-experience that you always desired of.
There are 20 campaign maps available with 3 difficulty levels. The graphics and sound are amazing. Give your best and earn different rewards. Play with your friends to let them know who the real player is. You can even challenge those who are at the lead. Try to draw the symbols correctly and use the frost spells to reduce the monster’s speed. Air spells will help you to throw those creatures away from you. Do not try to rush but think and give time for spell gestures.
An update in the near future will bring a lot more with it. Don’t let this game slip from your hands. You will definitely have the best gaming experience with Sixth Seal. Play this cool fantasy-action game by using awesome gesture-based controls.
The app is available for download at the cost of $0.99 only.

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