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iCab Browser
iCab is a wonderful browser available for iPhone and iPod Touch. With all unique features, it’s one of its kinds.
There are several default search engines that are available within the browser and you can choose any of them. You can also search on a specific webpage.
There are many built-in and customizable filters included in this app. They can block advertisements. Edit, Remove or add them as you want. You can also save the webforms and make them password protected. You can choose the browsing without the toolbars that means you can view the whole browser in full-screen mode. Whenever you set a password, others can use the internet as a guest. The guests can have their own search engines and bookmarks. The browser also has a built-in Download Manager so that you can download all files easily and in a better way. Through “ScrollPad”, you can easily scroll to any location where you want to go on the webpage. Private Browsing is also supported in which the browser will not keep any history of what you have done. You can also organize the bookmarks in folders. The app has a lot more features that you will get to know when you will download it.
You can easily save any image or the whole webpage if you like. You can also easily download the PDF files. The browser also supports compression so that your precious bandwidth is not fully used. The app supports different color schemes available to iPhone and iPod Touch.
The app costs $1.99. Get into the new browsing world now.
The app is really easy and simple. With the help of this app, you can easily add text to any image you want.
There’s not a single font available but you can choose from 100 different fonts. You can also change the text size and adjust it according to your need. Whether its text color or text background color, you can change it.
The app is simple and it’s very easy to use. You can download this app for free.
Play with a creature that does not have any beak and it’s not an alien too. Throw the flavored bubbles that will go and change the color of bubby. Don’t try to do this in the wrong way or else, “Game Over”. Think logically and practice your target skills to master this game.
There are about 80 levels of this game and each level demands logic and skills. Blupt! has wonderful graphics too. The user interface is simple and easy-to-use. With only one-finger-touch control, you can drag and shoot easily and smartly. Online leaderboards are also available. Play, master and score as best as you can and let the Game Center leaderboards know about it.
The game costs $0.99 only. Will you succeed or will you blupt!

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