iPhone Apps of the Day: Photo Stamper, Colorblind Vision, Tap the Frog HD

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Photo Stamper:
Don’t force your mind to search your memory in order to remind yourself about the purpose and location of your picture. Have a look at this app.
Now, you can easily add titles to your photos and stamp them with location, time, date etc. You can use the GPS to save location and you can later see that how many pictures you have at the same place. Just open a picture you want, Select how you want to stamp it (tick from Title, place, GPS and date) and finally stamp it. Email that picture to your friends and let them know about this app’s work.
“Photo Stamper” has really simple user interface and don’t forget to turn “location Services” permission on for it.
The app is free. But if you don't download it now, you will have to pay for it later as it is a limited time offer. So, Hurry up. Install and let your friends know about it, too.
Colorblind Vision:
You can let your iPhone act as a color blindness vision device when you get this app in it. You’ll get the real-time view of the world in a unique way as it will use many colorblindness patterns for it.
It works with the help of a rear-camera. Look at the world through your phone’s eye and see how red and green changes into yellow and brown. Experience, in real-time, how a colorblind person feels
You can also check the design for yours and see if it’s for everyone or not.
The application, no doubt, is very beautiful and lets you see the world in a different way. Now, let’s come to its price. Well, good news for you is that it does not cost anything to download it. It’s free. So, feel free to use it.
Tap the Frog HD:
This game has earned popularity and it’s having about a million users. The game is small but the fun that you get is not like so.
All you have to do is to tap a frog. Play, practice and enhance your skills to become a pro. Compete with your friends and tell them who the boss is. When you become a pro, play the achievements and try your best to collect all of the badges.
With this game, you’ll also get some mini-games to play.
Music of the game is also beautiful and you’ll not get bored for sure. It contains colorful and HD graphics that adds to the beauty of the game. Let yourself enjoy by watching the actions of the frog as you tap the screen of your phone.
Great game! Guess how much it costs? Well, for now, it’s free. A lot of fun without spending a penny! That’s amazing. Give it a try.

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