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8.0 MPX Digital Camera Stimulator:
Do you want to make your camera result better? Install this app in your phone and let yourself have unique experience of upgrading the camera in the cheapest and simplest possible way.
This app has User-friendly interface and you can also have a customizable timer option. You can have HD zoom up to 16X. Unlike your standard camera app, you can tap anywhere on the screen to take a shot.
You can get extra high resolution pictures with your camera if you have this app installed in your phone. This app works for all generations of iPhone. This app costs $0.99, which is not much for this precious app.
This game has earned many achievements and awards. Cool music in the background lets you have more fun while playing this unique board game.
You can play against your friends in a 2-player mode that lets you see who's much better. The game is addictive. No matter if you want to play with or without your friend, you can still have smart Ai that you have to defeat to get to the top. There are total of 10 levels that you have to complete. You can also fetch the power-ups to get upper hand on your opponent. You have to use your mind to plan your next action that you want to perform. Planning is required if you want to be the champion.
The game has great graphical interface that will attract you so much. If you want to show your friends how good you are, you can share your scores to Facebook too as it has got an integration with the World's largest social network.The game costs $0.99.
Battle Skating:
Battle to get to the top spot by showing some amazing skating skills with this game. You can flick up, down, left or right to show your skating skills.
You have to perform the given skating skill at the right moment or you can choose to play in another mode in which you have to pass various obstacles by using your skating skills. If a judge is getting mean, you can get rid of him.
In the first mode the image shows and when it overlaps the skater, you have to perform that skill at that right moment. The thing that counts is accuracy and timing. Perform as much accurate as you can to score better and better.
In the second mode, obstacle will continue coming in your way. What you have to do is to pass that obstacle using your skating skills. Pass obstacles successfully to earn points. Bonus points are also available in both modes. The app is free to download. Try it!

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