LG Optimus 2X Best HD Games

LG Optimus 2X has a great dual core processor. Check out the some of the best games for your Optimus 2X:

Reckless Racing
When you have your LG Optimus 2X in your hand and you want to race on your mobile, you should try this game. Make your way to win by taking over all of your opponents. This game has got the best graphics and Optimus 2X is capable of handling it.
Drive with passion and get a real like racing experience by having this in your phone. Have fun.
Experience the full 3D style game. It looks similar to Sonic but it’s different due to its unique features and advanced characteristics. You have to jump, collect some knick-knacks etc. The game play is simple but the execution is fantastic and you’ll get involved in it for hours.
Cordy has many thrilling updates on the way and we hope that the company will make a bright earning by this game. So, install it and get ready to enter into the mechanical planet to solve exciting puzzles in attractive environments.
Pew Pew 2
This game will take you back in the past when some of you used to play Tempest, Battlezone etc. But this game is created for Optimus 2X and it has got some advancement (for sure) and a past touch. This game includes 7 different game modes. Shoot and destroy the enemy shapes coming towards you from all the directions. You also have to collect, rather than destroy, in some cases, by dodging your enemy. In other mode, you have to destroy specific color shapes. The game has high quality graphics but that doesn’t disturb the Optimus 2X which is created with dual core processor.
Asphalt 6
Get fantastic racing experience by playing one of the best racing games available for your Optimus 2X. The game is not easy to play but you can possibly understand it easily. This is a pure-fantasy game. The controls are awesome as well. You just have to tilt your handset to handle your car. Other controls like acceleration, brakes are also simple to use.
Shortly, enter into the Asphalt 6 world to have a thrilling ride for a win. You used to like such times of games when you were a kid but it’s available for your phone now and you’ll like to play it.

Dungeon Defenders
Now you can install one of the best role playing game in your Optimus 2X. Think to use your power efficiently to defeat the enemies and defend your castle. Every advanced level is difficult and you can upgrade your equipments and abilities.
The game has unreal powered graphics. It has multi things going on at the same time and it requires a large amount of data to run properly but overall, it’s amazing. Dungeon Defenders has become popular on dual core processor android phones like Optimus 2X.

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