LG Quantum: 10 Must have WP7 Apps

best windows phone 7 apps for LG Quantum
Check out the 10 must have windows phone 7 apps for LG Quantum:

Yes, official Twitter app is now available for your windows phone 7 too. As this is the official app from Twitter so it’s getting more and more popular. When we talk about UI, this app is good at it. But when we talk about UX, it lacks a little bit in it. But that really is not a big issue as we are expecting that it will be fixed by the officials in the near future.

Talking about social networks? How can you forget about the largest social network of this global village. Facebook app is also now available for download on windows phone 7. Another thing that is interesting to know that this app is designed by Microsoft itself. We cannot compare it yet with the official FB apps for Android users but this app has got a lot of cool features. Basic stuff is easily available. Shortly, it is another hot app for your LG Quantum.

Sale and purchase from your LG Quantum now. Download this app and you don’t have to go to the shops to purchase or sale. You can search for your desired stuff using this app and later you can bid on it. You can also buy it and you can even check the buying and selling activity of it. You can also receive push notifications of on the deals you want and also get to know about the best offers in the market.

Adobe Reader:
Yes, Adobe has released this app for WP7. With this app you can easily view and manage your PDF files. You don’t have to start it. Just open any PDF file you want and it will automatically launch.

This app is also now available for WP7 users. You can search the videos you want and than you can play them from YouTube.

Sling Player:
The videos that you send over SlingBox can now be played from your phone too. With the help of Sling Player, you get access to those videos. With the help of this app, your device turns into a Mini-TV.

Slacker Radio:
This app has got an amazing graphical and user interface. It’s much like Pandora and last.fm but the difference is that it has got a personal feel. This app is also now available for LG Quantum mobile.

Flickr Manager:
Now you can manage and see your flickr account direct from your WP7. It’s simple to access the basic features of the flickr. You can upload the photos from your phone. You can add comments and you can see the basic traffic stats of your account.

If you want to know about the ratings and reviews of a movie, you must download this app. If you are a movie freak, this app is for you. It has got a stylish menu and you can also check upcoming DVDs, settings theaters etc from this cool menu.

It’s a GPS based app. You can search for the best spot to eat, shop etc with the help of this app. It has got good graphics. How they rate a best spot depends on the Yelp’s community ratings. If you like to travel then this is a must-have app for you.

To download any of the apps, just search for it in Zune or marketplace on your windows phone 7 mobile.

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