Motorola Flipout: 10 Best Android Applications

Check out the 10 best Android Applications for Motorola Flipout:

App Protector Pro:
App protector pro is one of the best apps for the Motorola Flipout users. What this app provides you is privacy. Yes, you can set privacy on the apps you want. Like if you want to lock your sms or any app, you can set passwords for their protection and safety.

When you talk about the best apps for Android, you cannot go out listing the apps without Kindle. About 7 million books are accessible if you have this app in your phone and if you want to have access to most popular and new releases, you have to pay just $9.99. Kindle has an easy-to-use interface that will let you handle and view books easily.
Kindle has a wide range of stuff to read. Apart from books, you can also get access to magazines and newspapers. Just install Kindle.

Barcode Scanner:
Now you can use your phone as a barcode scanner. This app has a very simple user interface.
If you want to scan any barcode, just bring your camera in front of it. Make sure that the barcode fits inside the rectangle that displays on your screen. And with the help of this app, your phone will be able to tell you about what's in the barcode. It scans barcodes in 1D as well as 2D format.

Google Shopper:
Now you can search the suitable price for any product you want. Google Shopper is here for you. You don't have to write the product to search its price because Google Shopper introduces another feature for you. Take a picture of the product you want and this app will search the price of it. You can search product's price by cover or by barcode scanning. You can even use the voice feature to tell this app the name of the product and it will search its price for you. You must try this one.

eBuddy Messenger:
eBuddy messenger is a multi messenger that lets you connect with your MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, Facebook's friends. You can easily chat with all of them with the help of this single app. eBuddy messenger is an old app and it has apps for java and symbian phones too. But when you have Android in your hand, you can get the best of every app.

Sweet Dreams App:
Most of the times, when you use Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth, you forget to turn it off. Well, that will not be a problem for you if you have this app installed in your phone. You have to set the time limit and this app will automatically turn off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Another exciting future is that you would not be able to receive calls when you are asleep in the night. So, Sweet Dreams!

ProOnGo Finance:
Now it will not be a problem for you to manage your budget. Install this app, shop and keep the slip. Take a picture of that slip and this app will save the date of that shopping, amount and the seller's name in it which will help you to easily manage your finances later. If you don't have a slip then you need to write it manually.

This is a must-have app on Motorola Flipout for those who like to travel. If you are on a trip or you are visiting some wonderful place, this app can help you in writing your views. You can also take a picture of the place you want. This app also has integration with the world's largest network "FaceBook" that means you can also share your travelling experience with your friends anytime you want.

You love to use wikipedia but when you try to run it on your phone, it runs very slow because it's a kind of heavy website. Well Wapedia will solve the problem for you. With an easy-to-use interface, you can easily get the encyclopedia in your mobile. You should try this app.

If you want to keep your phone safe and secure, you must try this application.
Through this app, you can easily protect your data and if you have lost some of it or even all of it, you can recover it easily. This app will secure your private data even if you lose your phone.

To download any of the apps above, just search for them in the Android market on your motorola flipout.

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