SuperBodies iPhone App shows what truly happens inside Athletes

SuperBodies iPhone app
Here is another cool app that represents a new way to welcome Summer Games 2012. Even if you are not an athlete, you’ll still be able to know a lot of things for your information.

This app will let you know about what really happens in an athlete’s body when he plays a game. You can choose from Gymnastics, badminton, 100 m Dash, Swimming, volleyball and boxing and let yourself know about the results of these games on athlete’s body. You can see what happens when a punch hits his ribs. Let yourself know about how the muscles and bones move when he performs gymnastics. See how nervous, circulatory and respiratory system works when he runs. A total and brief view of all skeletal, masculatory and other systems will let you know what it takes to become an athlete.

The whole app gives a game-type look but it’s not a game. The 3D graphics and animation is awesome that adds beauty to it.

Surely, this app gives you a lot of information. Therefore, you have to pay some dollars to get it. If you are using iPhone 4, iPad you can get this at $3.99 and it costs $1.99 if you have older iPhone versions.

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