Android: 5 Best Video Players FREE

If you are an Android user who plays videos most of the time on the phone, check out the below best and free video players for Android.

Mobo Player
It is the most smooth and unique video player available in the Android Market. The Mobo Team has tried its best to bring the most advanced featured video player to you.
Without transcode, you can play almost all video formats. This feature is not available in other video players and that’s why we call it “unique”. Subtitles formats like SRT, SSA and ASS are also supported in Mobo Player. One more interesting thing about this player is that you don’t have to install the codec for your phone’s hardware. You can have a view of the video thumbnails in 3D. If you want to watch streamed videos, you can watch them even if they use HTTP or RTSP protocols. It’s very easy to use.
android mobo player
This video player is also highly recommended. Although, this does not support software decoding as Mobo Player, it will play the videos which your phone supports. However you can transcode the video that is not supported and then after that, you can play it in mVideoPlayer.
One thing in which it has taken advantage on Mobo Player is that it supports more subtitles files than Mobo Player. There are a number of themes so that you can select the one that catches your attraction. The app is highly customizable and you can change the options according to your need.
Audio, video and radio playback are supported in this player. You can also sync your audio and video files with your pc with the help of a program called double twist. If you want to download the artwork, you can get it from Gracenote. You can also import your iTunes playlists and ratings.
The app will be upgraded in near future and you can expect really good and fine features coming with it.
android DoubleTwistPlayer
RealPlayer Beta
Real Player has made its name on PC platform. And you can have it in your phone now. The player has amazing music organizing abilities that you will definitely like. One more thing that you will like about this app is that it also supports videos and photos.
Best video playing features are available within the app with intuitive playback controls. As in PC, it includes download manager that helps you to download several media files on it and save it simultaneously.
android RealPlayer Beta
Meridian Media Player Autonomy
Meridian can play audio as well as video files on your phone. If you don’t want to watch the video but you want to listen only to the audio, you can turn off the video stream. One of its amazing features is Toolkit so that you can cleanup the multimedia library. Another unique feature is the advanced folder browsing.
You can’t play any other video file other than Mp4. But don’t worry, if you want to play other files, you can play it but after converting it to Mp4. You will like its graphics and sound quality. One problem that will occur is that if you save this player on your SD card, you will not be able to use this app’s widget.
Meridian Media Player Autonomy
Apart from the players I mentioned above, I also use vital player and arcMedia on my Desire HD.

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