Android Apps of the Day: Emross War, McAfee Mobile Security, Finger Slayer

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Emross War
If you are looking for one of the best multiplayer games for your Android, this is the one for you. This game is the massive multiplayer online role playing game.
This entire story begins at Emross which is the land of legends. Human, Orc and Elf are fighting with each other for years on this land. And now the chaos army has invaded and the situation has become worse than ever. You need to start as a young Lord and when you begin your journey, many hurdles will come on your way and you will meet many heroes. You can recruit these legend heroes to build your army. And you are not alone leader in this fight but there are your friends with you and together, you can make your dominant presence in this land of legends. You have to defeat the chaos army and bring back the land to its original face.
The game is really simple and easy. It will take only 3 minutes to learn about it. The graphics, on the other side are amazing and you will like it. When you are playing online, you can also battle with the other players live. You can choose from three races. Whether you want to be a human or an Orc or Elf, you will have different heroes and soldiers in each case. When you will ally with your friends, it will make you stronger. There are different chat modes available with in the game that will surely add more fun to it. This is not all. There are many other things in the game that you will like.
The game is free of cost. And that's a limited time offer. So, hurry up. Download it now.
Emross War
McAfee Mobile Security
No doubt, this is the best and the leading mobile security app available for your phone in the market. It is the combination of Virus scan, Wave secure and SiteAdvisor.
Whenever your mobile gets lost or stolen McAfee Mobile security will help to backup and restore all you personal data. It’s also a guard that will help removing all the viruses and spywares and you can surf the web very freely. There are almost 150 million mobile devices across the globe that is currently protected by McAfee Mobile Security. Lock and Wipe helps you to lock your device from the web or via sms. You can restore your data to a new device and later you can access it online from anywhere. Locate and Track feature helps you to locate your device when it’s lost and it will sound an alarm to retrieve your phone. There are many other features that are available and you can see it for yourself when you install it.
The trial version is available for free that is with 7 days validity. After that you have to purchase the full version.
McAfee Mobile Security
Finger Slayer
This thrilling and reaction time game was there for iOS and now they have released it for Android too. The game is really simple but exciting and fun.
You have to place your finger on Guillotine circle and you will wait for the count. When Go appears on the screen, you have to take the finger out of that circle as soon as the blade falls. It will increase the score of yours if you will wait for longtime. Close the blade to your finger, the higher scores you will get.
If you remove your finger early then you score nothing and the game will end. So, you have to be accurate. The update is also coming in the near future.
The game is available for free.
Finger Slayer

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