Blackberry PlayBook: Best Android Games

BlackBerry Playbook Android Games
It is the fact that some of the popular games that are available for iPad and Android tab users are not yet available for your BlackBerry PlayBook like Angry Birds. It’s not like you can’t have fun on your PlayBook without such games. Here, we have selected some of the best games for your PlayBook.

Assembler Mobile 2 HD
There is a position specified where you have to move a specific box and you will be provided with different boxes of different sizes to make it possible to position that specific box on that specific point. One more thing that is interesting in this game is that when you will flip your PlayBook around, the gravity will automatically change according to it. This is an addictive puzzle game and you will like it.
Download it for free.

The Visitor
The visitor is a horror adventurous game in which there is an alien landed on the Earth. There is a terror among all the humans who know about it. You are controlling that alien. With each successful move you make, your creature gets more powerful and larger. Let’s see how well you can handle it.
You can download The Visitor for free.

Papa’s Burgeria
Build a hamburger and practice to master this skill. But that’s not all. There are number of customers who are hungry and they are waiting for some good stuff to eat. Serve them and make them happy by serving as quick as you can. Serve as many customers as you can and build a burger according to their desire. Papa’s Burgeria is so much fun and it’s not easy to get rid of it once you have installed it in your PlayBook. The game is highly addictive and you must try this one.
It costs $1.99 only.

DoodleBlast is one of the best games available for your BlackBerry PlayBook. The game is really simple but you have to use your brain to complete it. There are a number of balls that are suspended on an obstacle course. You have to make them reach to the dust bin. For that, you have a limited amount of ink available and you need to use your fingers to draw the lines in order to direct the balls to move in the right direction.
This game is available for free.

The game is about arranging the color blocks to form one solid color. You can start with the upper left of your screen and all you have to do is to arrange the blocks in a way that it matches with the color of its surrounding blocks. But remember, you don’t have much moves available to make. In fact, you can make only 22 moves (maximum) to arrange the blocks. But if you install Pixelated Plus, this restriction will be removed and more gameplay options will become available.
Download Pixelated for free and Pixelated Plus for $2.99.

Simple BlackJack
This is a must-have game for all those beginners who love to play Blackjack. All the basic BlackJack features are available in this game. You will learn the game in much simple way. So what are you waiting for? Get it now.
The game is available for free.

The classic and the most popular word guessing game is now available for your PlayBook. There are a number of themes from which you can choose and there are different difficulty levels. Choose what suits you and play the game.
It’s free.

Gravity Burst
Vary the level of gravitational pull and destroy the enemy spaceships. The game sounds simple but it’s not like that in real. There are 18 levels available but if you have full version installed in your phone, you can have many more.
The game free for its free version and it costs $0.99 to download the full version.

To download any of the game mentioned above, just search for it in appworld.

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